Introducing the 2015 RIBA House of the Year; The Flint House by Skeen Catling de la Pena.

Commissioned by Jacob Rothschild, the head of historic banking family and lord of the Waddesron Manor estate - where the Flint House is proudly positioned.

Adopting a unique, and rather enchanting, wedged shape, the house is arranged from individual pieces of flint that are organised by colour to create tonal gradients as a direct reference to the abundance of flint and chalk that form the surrounding landscape.

The innovative sloping structure is not merely just an aesthetic experiment, as the angled roof is designed to cleverly shape the house on a flat landscape, ensuring that the rooms are framed expertly to form the best views of nature.

Fending off fierce competition to win the inaugural RIBA House of the Year award, the Buckinghamshire building was described by the judges as “a marvel of geological evolution and construction, Flint House is a celebration of location, material and architectural design at its best,” said a statement from the RIBA.

Before adding, “the building rises from the ground as dark, fashioned flint and slowly changes in construction and texture until its refined white chalk blocks disappear in to the sky.”

In accordance with the innovative step structure, that quite literally allows you to walk on your own home, the flint used in the construction of the house is such a rare commodity in contemporary architecture that it makes the Flint Home wholly original. With the intricate details of the flint walls also featuring inside the house, with the walls opening up to form a selection of cut-away balconies.

Take a closer look at the Flint House below.