When it comes to making long-lasting lifestyle changes its often the small, considered steps that make the biggest impact. Joining a new gym and attending for two weeks only to abstain for the next three months is not sustainable. It’s the routine of eating better, walking a little bit more and generally taking a smarter, more sensible approach to life that pays dividends. Essentially, that’s the mantra of BEAR – the pioneering Australian beauty and wellness brand that create a positive foundation of health through one small, yet significant act.

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Guided by Sammy Leetham & Saasha Burns’ respect for simplicity, design and function, the Australian brand brings together a portfolio of essential daily vitamins and essential daily ‘superpowders’ that actually work. No thrills, no extraneous detail. Just well formulated essential daily vitamins that will make you feel better.

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Each BEAR Vitamin product contains highly activated, bio-available ingredients of a therapeutic level to ensure nutrients are readily absorbed into the body. Each BEAR product is designed to fit seamlessly into your morning beauty and grooming routine, to create a positive foundation of health through one small change. Sound good? Get the full lowdown on all of BEAR’s most popular vitamins below and shop and explore the entire collection here.

BEAR Vitamin Perform Supplement

Basically, BEAR 'Perform' contains Vitamin B12 to help support the activity of a healthy nervous system and assist in the production of energy together with Vitamin C. In Traditional Ayurvedic Herbal medicine, Bacopa is used to assist with the symptoms of stress and mild anxiety and may enhance mental performance in healthy individuals. It should be noted that the Perform Supplement, alongside the entire BEAR collection, is vegan friendly, gluten free, GMO free and have not been tested on animals.



BEAR Vitamin Protect Supplement

'Protect' contains antioxidant Vitamin A to help support a healthy immune system and Vitamin C that may assist in the healing of wounds. It contains antioxidant properties that may minimise the risk of cell damage attributed to free radicals. Echinacea may help to reduce the severity of the symptoms associated with mild upper respiratory tract infections. A god-send in winter.

BEAR Vitamin Restore Supplement

This Vitamin K2 will assist the development and maintenance of bone health by using only highly activated, bio-available ingredients of a therapeutic level. All the good stuff, basically. Restore contains Vitamin K2 alongside Vitamin D which may assist with muscle development and may help support the absorption of calcium. Traditionally used in Chinese Herbal Medicine, Ginkgo has antioxidant properties and may help to promote blood flow and improve circulation, too.


BEAR Vitamin Explore Supplement

Explore contains antioxidant Vitamin C to help promote improved immune function and support the production of energy. Vitamin E acts as a free radical scavenger and antioxidant to protect against cellular damage. In traditional Western Herbal medicine, Rhodiola is used to enhance physical performance and improve stress adaptation. The name, really gives this one away.

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