Art in motion. The ‘Truck Art Project utilises Spain’s network of transportation routes to transform a host of commercial trucks and lorries into a mobile fleet of modern art.

Rolling through the topography of the Spanish cities and countryside, the project has been designed to showcase the latest trends in paintings, drawing and street culture. Collating a range of eccentric influences into one multi-disciplinary programme opens up the individual interpretations of art to a whole new audience; as the awe-inspiring motifs bring public art to places where cultural offerings are rarely observed.

A total of ten trucks began as the starting point for over 100 artistic proposals, from a range of Spain’s most decorated artists, including Javier Arce, Okuda San Miguel and Daniel Munoz, to name just a few. Throughout the evolution of the project, a selection of contemporary artists will continually contribute to the programme to ensure the mobile galleries continue to spread new art and ideas throughout the country.

Proving that the simplest of ideas can be the most effective; the Truck Art Project is a highly intuitive scheme that continues to challenge artists with regard to scale, perception and budget whilst simultaneously engaging  new audiences by transforming ordinary landscapes into fleeting canvases.

Check out our favourite murals from the project in the image gallery below and if you’re a fan of Spanish contemporary art, be sure to check out the Okuda San Miguel Murals in Church Skate Park.

All photography by Panci Calvo courtesy of the Truck Art Project.