“A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.”

The story of this quaint, eclectic home in Dalat, Lam Dong, Vietnam, starts over a year ago in 2015. Architecture studio 3 Atelier were completing a project and enlisted the help of their uncle to help look for materials for the construction – a task made harder in the rural area they were foraging. Beyond the rummaging, the family spoke about future plans, developments and houses – from which the uncle stated that he craved a new build to bring his children up in touch with nature and away from the bustling market where he worked.




The outcome of that conversation, and a year’s work since, is Uncle’s House – a small, dynamic home that utilises a range of traditional and modern materials. Defined by its high-rise ceiling and sloped roof, the real family home contains a plethora of colours and textures to help the children connect with nature. The tiled walls and worn wooden facades have been deployed for temperature regulation throughout the seasons, while the expansive ceilings allow light to infiltrate all corners of the property. Elsewhere, the small vernacular plot in the centre of the home ensures the heartbeat of the house will always be supplied by the vivaciousness of nature.





Images courtesy of Quang Dam.