When you take a quick look through the collections of WAHTS, it is clear to see why it's regarded as one of the best upcoming brands in The Netherlands. For one, the label makes simple, modern wardrobe classics that pretty much anyone can wear anywhere. And two, it's built a brand on the idea that if you get the basics right – in terms of fabric, fit and function – then the rest will follow. It is a strong and meticulous mission statement that has allowed them to constantly improve and reinvent a number of menswear essentials to be a bit more wearable and a lot more luxurious.

“Today, luxury is about feeling independent and free,” explains Ulex Kostense, co-founder of WAHTS. “In combination with the rise of start-ups and the relaxation of everyday, working dress-codes, people are a lot freer to wear what they want too. So those two emerging ways of life inspired the lane in which WAHTS was born into.” Since 2012, the Amsterdam-based label has forged and manufactured that lane through sophisticated collections of elevated wardrobe staples that slip neatly between luxury menswear and modern sportswear.

Not only does that merger of concepts between premium and contemporary sportswear look good in the way WAHTS’ natives Filling Pieces have succeeded in doing so, but it actually works. In today’s interconnected, boundaryless, fast-paced world, we need clothes to follow suit. Which is why after two years of launching the WAHTS underwear line the brand moved into wardrobe essentials, applying the same approach of considered heritage quality to give a clean edge to the previous slouch of sportswear. “It was the idea of contemporary comfort,” notes Ulex. “The basis of the WAHTS menswear collections are so you can travel in comfort – without feeling underdressed.”

We thought that it’s all well and good for us to pick out a few of our favourite pieces from the latest WAHTS collection of luxury menswear, but that would be too predictable. So, instead of pushing Ulex any further on the formations of the brand we asked the co-founder to choose the essential WAHTS pieces we should all be wearing this summer. Check out his top picks below.

WAHTS Porter Comfort Chino Trousers

Discreet functionality is the detail that underpins all of WAHTS menswear essentials and these Comfort Chino Trousers are one of the defining pieces in the latest collection. “This year we went for a clean aesthetic with simple shapes and timeless appeal. We kept the silhouette very clean to offer you the best of both worlds; a soft, lightweight, slim fit chino with high-quality stretch cotton and a flexible drawstring waistband.” Basically, as Ulex explains, they’re the type of trousers you’ll be finding yourself wearing through the week and the weekend - they're that comfortable.

WAHTS Egyptian Cotton Knitwear

“It’s just a classic fit that is comfortable and perfect for layering through summer. It offers the complete luxury look. By that I mean, it gives you the look and sophistication of a typical sportswear sweater with a level of sophistication and material quality that you do not ordinarily see on such a silhouette. It’s the balance that represents what we do the best,” Ulex explains. Plus, the greatest strength of WAHTS knitwear is that all the pieces are made in sophisticated colourways that you can easily combine and contrast in various ways.

WAHTS Troy Luxury Sweatshorts

“Alongside the introduction of our new luxury runner sneaker, this summer we have updated the sweatshort so you can wear them every day – particularly for work, too,” Ulex explains. “They’re made from a technical two tapered cotton and feature luxurious side stripes that make them truly one of a kind. The elastic waist and sophisticated colourways ensure it’s a design item not a typical sportswear silhouette – so when it comes to summer, it’s ideal.”

WAHTS Dean Pique T-Shirt

“Our premium pique cotton is an incredibly special part of our summer collection,” exclaims Ulex at the mere mention of his favourite new pieces, before he goes on to explain – “It’s such a premium looking and feeling material that you can’t find everywhere. Especially how we’ve used the premium material through sweats, shorts and t-shirts.” The Dean Pique T-Shirt has been updated through WAHTS’ flair for discrete and functional detailing, including an updated slim-fit silhouette, simple ton-sur-ton chest pocket and a range of summertime colourways.

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