Welcome to the new wave. Enlacing a minimalist design with impeccable audio capabilities, the V Speaker by Oliver Staiano is spearheading a new generation of interior sound systems. Where previously the quality of sound has superseded the need for an appeasing aesthetic, with thanks to the recent releases from VONSCHLOO and Bang & Olufsen, it is now imperative that speakers combine both style and sound. With the V Speaker being the latest concept to forge both in one accomplished design. The free-standing wireless unit delivers impeccable audio in to your living area, featuring multiple functions including wireless device connectivity, high end audio and a wireless charge bay. Presenting an envelope sound that is designed to surround you with your music. Opening up your imagination, the V Speaker pursues a new angle to minimal design, complete with a sleek wooden stand, washed white casing and a contemporary grey fabric outer. Providing a versatility, style and sound that no other sound system can rival, the V Speaker will be a welcome addition to any home. Take a closer look at the V Speaker by Oliver Staiano below. V-Speaker-by-Oliver-Staiano-3 V-Speaker-by-Oliver-Staiano-2 V-Speaker-by-Oliver-Staiano-1