Scandinavian design is at the epicentre of modern innovation. So when one of the most prestigious Nordic designers release a bespoke collection of interior sound-systems; it’s music to our ears.

Renowned for its signature Nordic style, Denmark-based Vifa has unveiled a new understated speaker titled the “Stockholm”.

The minimalist, contemporary design of the “Stockholm” builds on the classic principles of Vifa; high quality, timeless and simplistic pieces that have been developed over 80 years of refined craftsmanship. The Stockholm ensures elegance in sound.

Adorned in individual woven textile covers, designed by Kvadrat, the sophistication of design and astute choice of neutral colour hues ensure that the system blends seamlessly in to any home, any room and any décor.

The compact cabinets most redeeming feature, however, is its bespoke wireless capabilities. Ensuring no matter where you roam, you can enjoy your most cherished tracks using your very own mobile device, with maximum sound quality insured.

The supreme combination of style and sound is rarely achieved so succinctly; as introducing a stellar sound-system to your living room often intrudes on your desired interior. However, with the Vifa Stockholm Speakers, style and sensibility is always assured.