“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.”

Villa BLM exudes that illusive timeless aura. Designed to effortlessly entwine with its surroundings; the structure is based on climate, vegetation and energy efficiency.

Built with the aim to create a comfortable, contemporary villa during all seasons, the simplistic, yet stunning abstract of the build consists of two main brick lined volumes and a complimenting steel structure.

The rustic charms of the ornate brick lined build clearly exude a natural beauty, that not only blends within its setting, but also forms an entirely unique, statement exterior.

Staying loyal to the initial premise of the house, during construction, none of the surrounding forestry was cut down. The villa completely encompasses the surrounding vegetation, which has lead the structure to sculpture the luscious green backdrop. Integrating architecture and nature to guarantee excellent bioclimatic conditions. Signified my the large, 25-metre-high, tree which supervises over the entire structure, located in the inner plaza of the build.

The interior, however, also offers an elegant balance of style and functionality. Residing in the front room is above and beyond, the most special element of the entire project. Comprising of over five thousand books from the owner’s private collection; the large dominant bookshelves capture the entire room to create a truly authentic library.

The house is also populated by a great number of pieces from Brazilian artists such as Marianne Perretti, Rubem Valentim, Antônio Poteiro, Dona Izabel, Geraldo Teles de Oliveira, Glenio Bianchetti, Galeno, among others.

Finished in specifically durable materials – brick, concrete floors, local marble detailing- the house is surrounded by a “L” shape pedestrian pathwath that tempts visitors to slowly discover the villa’s private spaces. Unveiling the rich architectural composition step by step.

Inspiring simplicity, purity, intimacy and warmth, Villa BLM possesses a real natural character that exerts an amazing connection with the natural world.