Looks as good as it sounds.

Swiss speaker specialists VONSCHLOO have released their latest concept; the Loudspeaker.

Bringing an entirely new look and sound to your home, the speaker is inspired by ‘Folle’; an archaic sound object which has been used in the Swiss Alps for centuries.

Crafted from a composite cement to mirror the simple and iconic shape, the concrete outer not only enhances the exterior for a modern appeal, but also boasts exemplary acoustic qualities which ensures the Loudspeaker blends style and functionality in a harmonic way.

The 360-degree design maintains the speaker’s minimalist façade from all sides, meaning that the speaker can blend eloquently within every interior.

Available in both a floor standing edition and shelf steady version, the speaker is made to order and cut and shaped by hand to provide a unique look and sound to your home.

Listen and learn; take a closer look at the VONSCHLOO website to make your purchase today.