Revered for their beautifully stark interface and universal appeal, VSCO Cam, who provide evocative filters that bring the innovation of professional photography to your mobile- have recently moved in to their new state of the art HQ, and it’s really quite special.

When you are known for making pretty pictures seemingly prettier, the pressure is on to exude such picturesque perfection in everything you do. Thankfully, VSCO Cam do not disappoint with its new headquarters situated in Oakland, California.

Created in partnership with Flory Construction, the new HQ is a glimpse in to the extraordinary lives of the creative entrepreneurs behind the brand that has transformed mobile photography in to modern art.

Situated in one of the most historic buildings in central Oakland, the space was stripped to its bare skeleton to uphold a minimal, modernist identity. Consequently, the office takes on a bright, airy space that stays loyal to the typical light-induced space archetypal of photographic studios.

The space focusses on keeping the impetus on the inhabitants and so partitions and segregations are kept to a minimum. In its entirety the space is split in to two connected workspaces with a communal setting and glass conference room in the middle of the office.

Decorated throughout with natural accents of wood, metal and glass to act as a clean, crisp and minimal atmosphere, keeping things as simple as possible.

With the astute artistic intelligence of VSCO Cam, it comes as no surprise that their Oakland HQ is nothing short of exemplary. The the tour around the entire Oakland HQ below.