It looks like it's just stepped off the set of the latest Bond movie. The Why200 from Wally Yachts, though, is no movie prop but very much the real thing, aimed at everyone who can afford it, and not just your average super-villain. More than that, this is a landmark piece of yacht design, and not just because of its dramatic external styling.

The avant-garde design of this ocean-going beast is by British-based yacht architects Laurent Giles, considered among the leaders in their field. What they've achieved here is something special and it's all about size. The Why200 measures up at 24 metres in length which, in the rarified world of super-yachts, is considered relatively short. That means more destinations are available for the Why200 to dock at and, crucially, that it's fast. You'd think that would come with a compromise to the internal appointments. You'd also be wrong, so wrong.

The key is what Monaco-based Wally Yachts describe as "wide body” design. This translates as more room than you'd find in the average penthouse apartment or half again as much living space as on other yachts its length. Main deck living areas are sumptuously appointed, with internal design by specialists A. Vallicelli & C. Meticulous detailing is everywhere: curvaceous slabs of bent teak welcome guests aboard, while diving "wings" allow for additional swimming enjoyment while at sea. Carbon fibre adorns the ultra-modern control area, which also features four high-definition screens, so that you'll be kept safely on course and off the rocks.

The owner's suite, master bedroom to you and me, surely rates a standing ovation on a yacht filled with show-stoppers. The suite takes up the whole of the front of the main deck, with wrap-around windows - nothing as pokey as portholes here - offering panoramic views of the sea or of whichever high end destination that you're headed towards. The lower deck houses up to four cabins for those fortunate enough to be invited onboard.

The Why200 may be smaller than the average billionaire's plaything but there is plenty of room for parties of up to 20 people. Configurations are flexible and the price is strictly on application. Monaco, here we come.

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