Wax London brings together a traditional British aesthetic with a form-follows-function Scandinavian feel. The result is a very distinctive take on wardrobe essentials. The cut is tailored, the design always classic, the fabrics meld technical and natural. This is clothing with no need to shout.

Wax London was founded by three friends - Rich Singh, Tom Holmes and Steffy Neceva - aiming to revive the roots of menswear while providing their own distinctive collaborative twist. A label to relish.

Wax London's look is tailored, while allowing you the room to breathe - both literally and metaphorically - and relax, in some style. There's nothing up-tight about this label's distinctive approach. There's a case, particularly in Wax London's shirts, for going one size up. This allows you to wear a Wax London shirt casually over a T-shirt, for instance, to create a casual yet quietly well-designed look. This is very much in line with the Wax London founders' intentions. The same is true of Wax London's distinctive T-shirts. With trousers, follow your usual sizing.

Key points to consider:

  • Wax London fits true to size. For a tailored fit, choose your usual size
  • Tops and particularly shirts may benefit from choosing a size up
  • If in doubt, why not order two sizes of the same item to assess your personal take on Wax London

Wax London size chart

If you're usually a size... Then go for a Wax London size...
Small Small or Medium
Medium Medium or Large
Large Large or Extra Large
Extra Large Extra Large

  1. Grey Big Cord Whiting Shirt
  2. Black Terry Miro Track Top
  3. Green Malaga Berg Jacket
  4. Black Reid Badge T Shirt
  5. Polo Blue / Green Stripe Soprano Polo
    £120 £60
  6. Moss Stone Alston Trousers
  7. Diamond Mustard Soprano Polo
    £80 £32
  8. Grey Stripe Fazely Short Sleeve Shirt
    £95 £48
  9. Black Fazely Short Sleeve Shirt
  10. The Moon Dean T Shirt
    £45 £32
  11. Mustard Stripe Chase Zip Overshirt
  12. Redwood Fazely Short Sleeve Shirt
    £75 £50
  13. London Grey Goole Trousers
    £90 £45
  14. Beetle Goole Trousers
    £90 £45
  15. Beetle Didcot Short Sleeve Shirt
    £80 £45

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