Wooden & Woven believe design washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. By that we mean, the British-based brand pursues the symmetry between aesthetics and functionality to create objects that mellow with age and make usually laborious tasks, such as stirring tea or preparing dinner, handsome, homely and charming.

Like an abundance of today’s urban artisans, Wooden & Woven marry the virtues of masculinity and modern minimalism with the quality of design. Yet, unlike an abundance of other brands, Wooden & Woven, headed up by designer and founder Alex Devol, make it appear so natural. Following a dramatic career change from sportswear design to hand-carved crafts, Alex now creates an array of wooden objects from spoons, bowls and boards to more abstract pieces such as ‘balancing rocks’ and coffee cones.

Wooden & Woven has carved the way to success through the simplicity of what they do. All handmade objects posses their own natural identity that will evolve and improve with use. By finding comfort and pride in the hard-work and elegance installed in each product, Wooden & Woven has grown to offer a range of homeware objects including an exclusive gaming collaboration with Folk.

Take a look at our favourites from Wooden & Woven below and be sure to head over to their website to view the entire collection and follow @woodwoven on Instagram, too.