The freedom of thought.

Providing a peaceful and tranquil residence to liberate the mind, the YA House by Kubota Architect Atelier is no ordinary minimalist abode.

Located in Hyogo Prefecture of Japan, near the peak of a mountain, the house blends the complexity of the natural landscape with a simplistic, architectural structure. Represented through the edge of the concrete slabs that have been scraped off to permit a raw and rugged edge; in keeping with the rocky mountainous district.

Whilst, on the reverse, the bare concrete façade of the house is painted entirely white, ensuring the materiality and scale of the property does not dwarf the surroundings. All forming to create a highly abstract, linear structure that provides a modern affinity with nature.

Enhanced by the natural slope of the site where the house sits; cutting through the mountain through an array of trees and greenery. With the two vertical walls and four horizontal slabs configured towards the slope to create living spaces in between.

Left perfectly untouched to remain at one with nature, the YA House’s infinity with the natural world makes it more diverse, more dedicated, to permeate the joys of living.