Miami, Florida is the perfect breading ground for the latest and greatest custom-bike creations. The reason being is quite simple – the weather. In comparison to the unruly weather conditions elsewhere, Miami provides the ideal opportunity to ride all year round.

Which is precisely the inspiration behind this enigmatic Yamaha SR500 concept – the fair-weather of Florida. Federal Moto’s Shaun Brandt, just relocated to the sunshine state from Canada and so required a new steadfast bike that would be the ideal smooth, sunshine ride.

Instead of staying close to home, in regards to the Federal Moto, Brandt turned elsewhere – to Mike Muller of Chicago’s Powder Monkees. Despite the unnatural collaboration, the bike exists as a highly original and innovative design. The SR500 is the perfect city-slicker ride – a slim, maneuverable model that works on both tight city streets and idyllic beach boulevards.

Shaun discovered the 1978 model – made from the first year of production – as one of the finest bike’s to rework because it is revered as one of the finest motorcycles of the modern age. The partnership updated the SR500 with a brand new Yamaha TT500 fuel tank and 1970’s headlight which was lifted from a Honda TL250. Elsewhere, the model’s mono-shock rear suspension comes from a Triumph Street Triple, and above sits a brand new custom saddle and supporting framework.

Further engineering enhancements come in the form of a newly installed K&N crankbase breather filter and a discreet exhaust pipes that hug the engine tight. Completing the entire design is the minimal and clean paintwork – which is a modern interpretation on the classic speed block design.

The new SR500 is a meticulous custom-creation; the perfect daily rider to be basking in the sun. Check out the details of design in the image gallery below.

Images by Daniel Peter.