Deus Ex Machina, of Sydney, believe inside every bike there is a curtailed arrogance waiting to be unleashed. Their latest venture, the fully customised Yamaha TW 225, represents that very notion – as it stands as a ferocious modern machine.

The renovation of the neglected Yamaha TW 225 was lead by Jeremy of the Deus Garage, who discovered the forlorn 225 in a dark corner of the workshop.

Extensive renovations spread far and wide across every aspect of the bike, commencing with upgrading the suspension with the installation of new internal forks for a harder stance, while at the rear a black spring is shoe horned into the machine for a greater spring rate.

The contemporary, stealth-inspired design, is refined with a monochrome colour scheme, with all-black details stretching over the wheels and saddle. Lovingly conceived, the custom bike contains a rescued Vintage Husky aluminium fuel tank, which was discovered on a scrap yard, and gets given a new lease of life through a fresh lick of paint.

Elsewhere, the header pipe stretches its way to the open SuperTrapp muffler to radiate a healthy growl from the single filter, while the chunky airbox is replaced in favour of a High Flow K&N filter to allow the small, nimble machine to take some deep breaths.

When it comes to custom-motorcycles, bigger is usually better, especially in regard to this Yamaha TW 225. As the bike’s authoritative design is complete with a double headlight and taillight- adding a unique finish to this enchanting TW 225.

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