The worlds most distinguished motor heads concur that the most fun will be had on two wheels.

That is why, when previously unimaginable projects, such as the Auto Fabrica Yamaha XS650 come to fruition, the adulation around their release is unprecedented.

Based on the vintage Yamaha XS650 series, the Type 6 has been adapted from specific design features found from a genuine barn-find of a Yamaha in Cornwall; proving to verify the requisite of ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’.

The Auto Fabrica Type 6 is a simplistically astute, clutter-free powerhouse which embraces the spirit of the Japanese design theory, Kanso; which promotes the idealism of simplicity.

One of the most visually compelling bikes to catch the OPUMO eye, the Type 6 boasts a combination of Italian aesthetic, Japanese engineering and quintessential British attitude.

But there is more to this unique motorcycle than just what meets the eye.

Rescued from its forgotten past out of a Cornish barn, the XS650 underwent extraordinary levels of TLC to complete its transformation in to a magnificent, modern machine.

Bujar Muharremi, Auto Fabrica co-owner, created a detailed, virtual version of the bike before work could begin on the bike itself; ensuring every last detail exudes the simplistic elegance of the initial proposal.

“We spent a lot of time trying to balance clean graphics with highly complex and organic surfacing, to achieve a clear yet interesting design,” Bujar explains.

The Type 6 is far more than just an aesthetically pleasing bike, though.  The machine itself also underwent intrinsic engineering work to help create a deadly interior to match the entirely fresh, modified exterior. For example, the bike’s forks and headlights display were completely revamped alongside a bespoke fitted stainless steel exhaust, 19-inch spoked rims and 18-inch alloy wheels with stainless spokes added to the rear.

The best kept secret of the piece, however, is the rebuilt and reconfigured engine featuring 0.5 oversized pistons which convert the machine to a single carb engine and help to provide ultimate power and drivability on the road.

As surveyors of style across modern engineering, we have to concur, that Auto Fabrica’s exclusive Yamaha XS650 is a sight to behold; blending simplicity and refinement to absolute perfection.