Courtesy of social media, we are now all connected through the internet, ‘like neurons in a giant brain’ as Stephen Hawking once explained. However, there are darker sides to the internet, as Maarten Poodt found out when his previous custom bike gained criticism from an internet commentator who cast doubt whether it was in fact a true custom build or a bolt-on collection of parts.

Poodt read the comment and knew exactly what he would do next – build a completely new and improved bike around an engine alone. Silencing the doubters and winning a new legion of fans in the process.

First and foremost, Poodt sourced an early 80’s Yamaha XT550 bike, which is no mean feat in Netherlands due to their scarce numbers, before he removed the engine and threw away everything else.

In doing so, Poodt forged a brand new frame solely constructed from chromoly steel for a strong and aggressive stance. Elsewhere, two handmade stainless steel tanks are found nestled within the handmade frame for a tight, clean finish. While, a custom seat pan, hidden wiring and new front headlight complete the design.

Poodt also chose to rebuild the original 21-inch front tires with new spokes alongside sourcing another 21-inch wheel for the rear – complete in a powder coated blue finish and sporting drum brakes for a stealth, speed-seeking exterior.

Is there anyone doubting Maarten’s expertise now?

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Images courtesy of Mark Meisner.