Cycling is a sure found way to ride in style, while also being courteous to the environment at the same time, but now Yamaha are looking to take the environmental and aesthetic credentials of two wheels even further.

The new concept Yamaha Electric Bicycle comes paired with a cycle-stand that can be used to charge its very own portable battery. The electric-power assisted bicycle is placed on the recharging stand, and when cyclists pedal, this generation of energy recharges the battery.

Encased in a simplistically stylish bamboo case, and luxurious leather carry case for you to take it on the road, the battery pack is much more than just an economical offering- the whole aesthetic of the bicycle and battery offers a contemporary design that exudes style and sensibility.

The battery power can be taken out of the stand and the electricity generated can be shared across a multitude of appliances, ranging from powering musical instruments to a whole host of other electronic appliances.

Aimed to promote a positive attitude and approach to every aspect of life, the Yamaha concept bike exudes dynamism and originality through exemplary design and innovation.

Conceptually astute; elegant, ethical transport has never looked so good.