If you were to plan or re-design your living room all over again, do you know what would be the first 10 things on your list? Well, there’s some items and home accessories that every living room should include, no matter what the style or design is. So, whether you’re looking for some quick living room ideas, looking to revamp your lounge completely or just want to add a few extra touches to your room, then these ten essential living room accessories has everything that you should be looking for. You can put your own list on hold for now.

Living Room Accessories

Discover Your Scent With Candles & Diffusers

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to update your living room is through a candle or home fragrance. For a living room to really look and feel homely, it has to include personal touches – such as a signature uplifting home fragrance – as without these little details the room would feel cold and less welcoming. So, whatever scent you’re looking to capture – whether its warm, inviting or intimate – Urban Apothecary's range of diffusers has everything you need. While the candle cult isn’t going anywhere in terms of popularity, you’ll soon work down the wick, so that’s why a diffuser is a more ecological and stylish way to get your home smelling great.

If you’re on the hunt for a candle, though why not opt for something that moves away from the status candle trend. The Northern Granny Candle Holder is a contemporary take on the classic candlestick, designed with modern-day innovations to heighten its appeal. The base edges rise upwards to catch and contain melted while the sliding brass button makes it easier to remove the new candle inside. A timeless alternative to the popularity of oversized candles.

Living Room Accessories

Consider Comfort With Cushions & Throws

Soft furnishings added around the living room – in particular cushions, throws and rugs – is the easiest way to add personality your living space with minimum effort. Experimenting with texture across the room will not only make the space feel a lot homier but it will also make it a lot more dynamic through the contrast of colour, comfort and texture.

If you’re looking for something to make a real statement beyond the usual scatter cushion, however, then the Design House Stockholm Knot Cushion – which is made from several meters of knitted tube which is tied up to create a comfortable compact knot – is an easy choice.

Living Room Accessories

Look To Nature With Plants & Vases

Fill any underused or empty corner with a houseplant and it can instantly become a focal point of the room. Tuck a pot plant onto a shelf and the same impact can be had. So can a self-watering pot plant from Vitamin. Basically, there are many different ways to add some greenery into your interior.

Because plants are so versatile, they look ideal in any type of interior, you just need to pick the right plant for you. If you’re looking for something to make a real statement, though, then look to the Design House Stockholm Greenhouse – an ambitious design object that puts your favourite plants on a protective pedestal. Easy-to-keep and easy to install.

Living Room Accessories

Living Room Accessories

Add Small Decorative Accessories

Decorative accessories – items to fill shelves, coffee tables or sideboards – are useful for using colour and texture to change the room. But that doesn’t mean decorative accessories have to be complicated. As long as they’re personal to you and adopt a relatively slim profile – so they don’t become overbearing – then you can pick out nearly any home accessory, be it a vase, ornament of mirror, that you like. But, when something gets rendered into a miniature version, including this iconic Fritz Hansen Egg Chair, you know it’s well worth a space on your side table.

Invest In High-Quality Audio

You can get bogged down looking for the best audio systems for large living rooms and small ones too. Time is better spent investing in a proper all-round speaker that can do the job in any setting. Just like the Bang & Olufsen Beosound 2 Smart Speaker. Not only does the Beosound speaker look like a sculpture in its own right but it packs a punch too. The premium and powerful smart speaker benefits from 360-degree sound which can easily be controlled by a tap, turn or swipe. Plus, its wireless and completely compatible with multi-room speakers – so you can link it to any other room in the house.

Living Room Accessories

Finish With Some Special Art

The aesthetic weight of art – particularly living room art and prints – lasts a lot longer than the addition of one more decorative object, which is why we think you should install living room art as much as possible. Thankfully, our ever-expanding selection of prints and posters has got something for everyone – from architecture, abstract, automotive and photography. But if you’re looking for something a little different, then we may suggest looking to Studio Esinam.

Studio Esinam deserves your attention as it treads that extra special line between contemporary every day art and art that sparks conversation. They do this by bringing you closer to some of the world’s most famous architecture by exposing the creative process and designs that led to the great work. It also gives you the opportunity to build up some art inspired by the places you’ve visited. Which is an easy way to add more personality and personal touches to your living room. And, if you’re looking to expand this concept of travel experiences even further, then you can always build up a similar coffee table book collection from the likes of TASCHEN, Mendo, PHAIDON and more.

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