You're looking at one super-rare Land Rover. One of the rarest factory-made Defenders ever, in fact. It's a 1993 Land Rover NAS Defender 110, one of just 534 manufactured exclusively for the American market.

Each NAS Defender 110 was painstakingly hand made. The only available colour was white. The idea was to create a desirable image for Land Rover as it returned the Defender to showrooms in the United States. Under the bonnet there's a potent 3.9 litre V8, more than enough effortlessly to power this off-roader to the most far-flung of on-road destinations.

There's a unique external roll cage to protect against all potential mishaps and a roof rack to carry essential baggage for you and your up-to-eight passengers on journeys just about anywhere, from mud-plugging to Monte Carlo.

All original Defenders are becoming more and more valuable now that Jaguar Land Rover has stopped production, and begun sale of the new-look Defender. Limited edition models, such as the NAS Defender 110, are even more desirable. Make no mistake, this is a proper classic and an eminently usable one at that. 

The Land Rover is part of The Elkhart Collection, a vast array of mouth-watering cars and spares, being sold by RM Sotheby's in October. The auctioneers list no estimate and there's no reserve, but expect to pay in excess of £100,000 for this unique piece of Land Rover history.

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