The daily routine of commuting to the office has been temporarily halted for almost all of us. That doesn't mean that the daily work has stopped though, quite the opposite. Action stations have been taken up and we're working harder than ever without the working atmosphere of an office. The odd thing is that when many of us work from home, we station ourselves in the most neglected parts of it. Naturally, we pour a lot more focus into bedrooms, living spaces and the kitchen, so the home office – or workspace – becomes a little portal that we’d rather forget about. It needn’t be that way.

Adding a little bit of home wall art to any space is the perfect way to bring it to life and give you a little bit inspiration on top, too. With that in mind, we’ve pulled together our top tips and favourite pieces of art for the home office, giving you that much-needed injection of life to motivate, inspire and focus at home.



Desplans AA165 Print

Desplans offers a range of architectural prints that focus on the design process rather than the final product. Each of these framed prints for the home depicts a step in the architectural process, from geometric plans to detailed photography. AA165 is the perfect print for the office: the front cover of L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui – an architecture magazine first released in 1930 by Bloc and Le Corbusier – represents the 165th issue. This issue focuses on the work environment, doing so with a striking photograph of the Olivetti headquarters in Frankfurt.

Kristina Dam Barcelona Pavilion Print

It’s hardly the most inspiring piece of advice that we’ve ever handed out but it’s safe to say that a messy, disorganised office space isn’t conductive to a productive day’s work. Beyond a few desk tidies that make the space appear neater, a neatly curated wall hang can also instil a sense of clarity to your workspace. If your home office constitutes a corner of your living room or bedroom, then a few simply framed prints can signify a separate work area, and they’re a lot more inspiring than staring at a blank wall. Especially, when you can lay claim to Kristina Dam's super-minimal Barcelona Pavilion Print. This well-proportioned and precise architectural print depicts Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's iconic Barcelona Pavilion, widely held as one of the most significant buildings of modern architecture.


Charlotte Taylor Arched Interior Print

Get creative with the office and match up your art with shelving, lamps and even plants. Likewise, different tones in the office – not just from the walls but photographs and sketches – can really make the room your own, and offer an extension of your working life and personality. We particularly like the pop of colour in Charlotte Taylor's Arched Interior Print. Taylor's dreamlike colour palettes and sun-bleached scenes create a sense of calm concentration. A lack of details makes this one of the best prints for the office.

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