Words go in and out of fashion all the time, some never see their moment in the limelight, but hygge has had more than its fair share of attention in recent years. The word was so popular in 2016 that it came in second place in the Collins Words of the Year 2016, just behind Brexit. You've probably heard of it an awful lot, have a rough idea of what it is, but we're here to lay it all out for you and, crucially, give you a few hints and tips into how to hygge your home this winter. 

What is hygge?

Originally from old Norwegian, the word entered the Danish language in the 19th century and since then has travelled the whole world. Hygge denotes a feeling of warmth, but can be applied to people, objects, and even situations. The warm glow of a candle can be hygge, so can a great meal with friends, and so can Kristina Dam’s Danish homeware. Hygge is present all year round, but particularly so at Christmas time, a time surrounded by friends and family while it’s chilly outside. Below, we’ve put together a quick guide on how to make sure your hygge levels are as high as possible this winter.


How to enjoy hygge in your home


When it comes to hygge, lighting is one of the most easy and effective ways to up your game. With Tala’s signature warm glow, they should be at the top of your list. Not only are Tala’s lights beautiful additions to an interior, but you can rest assured that you’re doing your bit for the environment. Tala believes that great design can solve problems, so each of their lights is sustainably made and extremely efficient.

The Oblo Oak Touch Lamp is a versatile lighting option, the mouth-blown glass bulb sits on top of an FSC-grade pure American Oak stand and a recycled brass bottom which houses the touch dimming control system. If you’re really aiming for the Scandinavian cosy aesthetic, opt for the Tala Walnut Pendant – robust, durable, sustainable, and incredibly elegant. The Oblo Light Bulb is another essential for winter. Its size and shape makes use of empty space to emit a soft white light that offers a sense of calm and harmony.



Vifa have almost a decade of experience behind them. Founded in 1933 by N.C. Madsen in a village nestled in the Danish countryside, the hygge is strong from Vifa. Although the commitment to great sound quality hasn’t changed, the sound technology used in the speakers has. Care and refined technique has been put into all sides of the Willow Green Helsinki Bluetooth Loudspeaker. The solid aluminium frame is moulded in one piece so it doesn’t have any weak spots. The Kvadrat fabric that encases the speaker is created to let sound pass perfectly through the woollen threads. Finally, the leather strap has been crafted by Swedish leather manufacturer Tärnsjö Garveri. Vifa have all bases covered.



Plants / Vases

Menu’s Large Échasse Vase takes inspiration from laboratory test tubes. With a recognisable drop shape, the Échasse Vase is definitely the most delicate and graceful variety of test tube we’ve ever seen. The vase stands on top of four legs that resemble stilts, hence the name ‘échasse’, meaning stilts in French. The gradual deep green of this vase situates it well within the hygge spectrum. 


Danish brand Menu secure another pick on our list, and why shouldn’t they? They’re from the home of hygge. The simple but effective POV Candleholder is a reference to the focus of a camera in a movie, the eye of the viewer. As you move around this design, the shape and proportions alter depending on your view, and when the candle is lit, patterns will be cast onto the wall. Grab this holder in a brass or black.



It’s rare to find such a varied selection of art from one collective. The Poster Club are based in Copenhagen and cover all bases, from abstract prints to minimal sketches, but all of the art on offer is high quality and low price. Ekaterina Koroleva’s Nude 02 Print is a minimal sketch that doesn’t scream for attention, but once you’re looking, you’re captivated.

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