It is said that our homes are the truest reflection of us as people, which is understandable, our homes are the absolute distillation of how we live our lives. So, if it’s true that our homes and our lives are so heavily linked, we should be looking after our homes like a life in themselves. Refreshing your living space can be a great way to refresh your life. By adding little details that you love here and there, you’re brightening up each day. So, here are 5 home accessories that we think every home would benefit from. 

Home Accessories

Neo Legend Miami Palm Compact Arkador

To paraphrase William Morris, you should have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. What that basically means is that when you see a re-release of a retro arcade gaming machine - one that you've pretty much dreamt of since you first laid your eyes on one aged 8 - you don't need to feel any guilt to buy it. Neo Legend propel the arcade machine into the future by equipping it with the most modern technology - meaning you can enjoy a host of classic games without any glitches or painfully low-key graphics. It amounts to endless hours of fun.

Home Accessories

Instrmnt A-12 Clock

Instrmnt's new move into clocks has been a welcome one as the Scottish-based brand's designs offer a sculptural focal point in comparison to the more regimented wall clocks that you're used to wishing the time away with. As with all Instrmnt goods, function runs through the A-Series’ core; a removable machine-bent stainless steel stand allows for the clock to be positioned on a side table or desk, whilst a rear bracket provides the means for wall hanging if desired.

Home Accessories

Home Accessories

NOOM Delaunay CS1 Vase

Add some life to your table, starting with the vibrant Delaunay Vase, and then adding the finishing touch of a new plant. The vase itself is a dynamic sculpture which we love even without a flower, but when the natural shapes of a plant are added, the vase transforms, showing its power to contrast but also to accompany diverse shapes.

Northwick Wares Majorelle Candle

With hits of sweet vanilla contrasted by woody cinnamon and topped off with refreshing lime and coriander, Northwick Wares’ Majorelle Candle is a rounded and fresh scent that is perfect for spring. The candle is inspired by Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech, transporting you to the shady oasis of Yves Saint Laurent’s Moroccan holiday home.

Home Accessories

Mendo Books Rick Owens: Furniture Book

Rick Owens is known for his unorthodox and memorable fashion statements, each collection seemingly more wild and groundbreaking than the last. This book takes a more intimate look into the secretive lives of Rick Owens and his wife and muse Michele Lamy. Not only is this the perfect coffee table page-turner but a great source of inspiration for your interiors’ future.

Now you’ve been equipped with 5 essential homeware accessories you can now begin to furnish your home with the latest lifestyle arrivals at OPUMO.

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