Life is more interesting when you shake it up a bit. We don’t mean anything too drastic, but it’s worth a try in 2020. There are many ways to do this, and we’ve got an easy starting point for you – redesign. Again, we don’t mean completely revamping your house, but a good place to start is with seating. In particular, dining room and kitchen seating. By varying the seating options in your kitchen, you can really change the way that the space is used. Convert your kitchen space into a more social, open area ready for conversations and snacking with the addition of a few simple bar stools. To point you in the right direction, we’ve put together a rundown of the best bar stools that you can get your hands on.

Bar Stools

Best For The Breakfast Bar: John Green Oak / Black Wool Upholstered Otis Bar Stool

If you managed to read our recent piece about the best dining room chairs, you’ll have seen John Green’s Otis Chair. The Otis Stool carries across all of the chair’s great qualities: perfect execution, smooth and fluid lines, great materials, and comfort. The only change, obviously it’s taller. The robust stance, elegant Nordic styling and British wool upholstery make it one of the most comfortable bar stools out there and, consequently, just the thing to use along a breakfast bar. 

Bar Stools

Best For Modern Kitchens: Normann Copenhagen Black Steel Form Bar Stool

If Copenhagen design teaches us anything, it’s that simplicity is key. Simplicity in design shows restraint, by stripping something down to its bare minimum, a designer can distill what makes an object beautiful and functional at the same time. Normann Copenhagen’s Steel Form Bar Stool does all of that, which is why it can claim to be one of the best bar stools for modern kitchens. The flowing black design is as sleek as stools come and it doesn’t require a redesign around it, it will fit right in anywhere. 

Bar Stools

Bar Stools

Best For Space-Saving: LOEHR Black JL4 Faber Bar Stool

Reminiscent of Paris’ world famous centrepiece, LOEHR’s Faber Stool is a geometric dream. The structure not only strengthens the stool, but reimagines space, by slicing it at different angles, the interior of the stool will enliven your social kitchen space. Not only is the stool functional and beautiful, it’s made of European oak, so it will last a lifetime – lucky LOEHR are so good at making timeless pieces. Plus, it's small, easy to move and slim enough to sit nicely under any high table or breakfast bar. 

Best For Entertaining: SPO1 Black Chee Bar Stool

As we mentioned earlier, a stool can alter the way we use a space. SPO1’s Chee Stool is a great example. By lowering the backrest and armrest profile, but maintaining all other aspects of the Chee Chair, SPO1 make a piece of furniture more suited to a quick chat and a coffee than an hour of reading by a lamp. The materials used mean that the Chee Stool can be used both indoors and outdoors, rain or shine. 

Bar Stools

Best For Keeping It Simple: MILLION CPH Black / Mosquito Grey Textile Anno Bar Stool

Great simplicity is always a great choice. If you're looking for a bar stool that can slide into the kitchen whenever necessary and hideaway when not, then this MILLION Stool is the top of the lot. Four steel legs are connected by a circular footrest, that also provides constructive strength, and are joined at the top by the seat made of solid oak and padded with moulded foam and leather. Mix and match in monochrome shades to add depth to your kitchen space. 

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