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Great design provides a solution. Some design looks great and that’s all, which is fine of course, but when it comes to something as functional as a chair, we like our designs to do more than look good. For instance, the right dining chairs can do wonders to your home. They'll help unify the space, create a comfortable social seating area and instantly uplift the room in the process. To illustrate our point, we’ve compiled 6 of our favourite dining room chairs online right now, each of which will help you conserve space in your dining room while contributing heavily to the overall aesthetic too. A real win-win. 

Muuto Black Workshop Dining Chair

Simplicity is key for Muuto. The simplicity of this dining chair shows that the Danish design studio are unafraid to leave their creative process on show for all to see. By taking pride in their process, they’ve created a simple, functional chair that will fit seamlessly under your dining table. The refund joints and the visible wooden grains in the chair’s structure emphasise the craftsmanship that has gone into the product. While the simple sculpted shape supports you in a comfortable ergonomic position for as long as you're stayed put. 

Dining Chairs

Hem Natural Udon Dining Chair

Halfway between functional chair and beautiful sculpture, the Hem Udon Dining Chair is modern dining room design at its best. Fulfilling a purpose, this sturdy and durable wooden dining chair also looks the part thanks to its unique take on the classic bistro chair. Built from a simple few sturdy joints, the Hem Udon attains an openness uncommon to such stiff seating and it's available in a variety of finishes - from Natural Beech, Brown and Black - to ensure it can sit comfortably in any interior design. 

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SPO1 Black Ash Clarke Dining Chair

Once again, simplicity trumps all else when it comes to SPO1’s rendition of this iconic chair. The black colour way emphasises the fluid shape of the design, while the curved backrest and slightly slanted seat ensure surprising comfort. The result is a practical, stackable chair that will add a contemporary touch to any dining room. 

Dingin Chairs

Dining Chairs

Rex Kralj Black 4455 Dining Chair

Mirroring the form of the SPO1 Black Ash Clarke Dining Chair, Rex Kralj’s version maintains the flowing natural shapes, while adding a stacking functionality thanks to its lightweight frame. When this chair isn’t needed, stack it up in the corner and open up your space. A god send come Christmas time. 

Menu Black Afteroom Dining Chair 4

The geometry, simplicity and immaculate precision of this Menu chair pay homage to the Bauhaus school of art and architecture. Abiding by the motto that use dictates form, the round details and flexible backrest of the Afteroom Dining Chair 4 make it eye-catching as well as functional. Contrasting materials add intrigue while the absence of arm rests add something that is so often missing when it comes to dining chairs; character. 

Dining Chairs

John Green Black Otis Dining Chair

The beauty of this John Green chair lies in the execution. Perfectly shaped components interact fluently, amalgamating in a classy, graceful, but also durable and functional chair. The chair is as adaptable as it is beautiful - achieving a cult status thanks to being one of the standout styles in the award-winning British designers' growing furniture catalogue. 

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