MILLION, the independent Danish design studio founded by Jens Kajus and Claus Jakobsen, regularly collaborate with a carefully selected group of designers and architects to innovative new products that can fit seamlessly into any home. They believe that a precise aesthetic, unparalleled materials and stringent production principles – all combined to a create a premium finish – will produce pieces that will be part of a home’s every day for years to come. Offering free-and-easy, dependable and confident furniture that can create the special kind of balanced home environment that you’ve been looking to achieve for some time. This is how it’s done.

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Go Back To Basics With The MILLION Arise Bench & Stool

The secret to creating a balanced home environment is knowing what to get rid of. If there’s too much unnecessary stuff in the house, it can disrupt the feeling of tranquillity that certain rooms, such as the living room and bedroom should have. Basically, it’s about simplifying the aesthetic and going back to basics.

Without impacting on the overall stringent design and the impact on any room that it may be placed in, the Arise Bench has the soft, rounded edges that have become a hallmark of all MILLION pieces. At first glance, the bench appears to imitate a narrow staircase with its two different levels, and its geometric form is further supported by its stacked visual expression – an inspiration for the design itself. Best of all, the bench can be used as seating for the dining table, as occasional furniture in a hallway, a flexible table and chair combination for children’s rooms, or even as a bit of storage if placed at the foot of the bed. It’s pretty much the epitome of how to create a balanced home environment as it can easily be tailored to any need or mood that takes over you, especially when partnered with the Arise Stool too.

Create A Social Space With The MILLION Oak Ease Dining Table

A central place in the home to eat, socialise and unwind should be anchored around a solid oak dining table. One of the Ease Dining Table’s key statements is that simplicity can appear complex and generous in all its natural ornamentation. With a relaxed and minimal aesthetic the large dining table combines the cabinetmaker’s feeling for wood with an industrial aesthetic, while its oversized legs and sturdy table top manifest a youthful expression that contrasts with its natural material. It also means that with life, use and wearing the table will develop a unique patina over time and naturally grow in tandem with the interior around it.

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Add Sculpture & Shape With The MILLION Cupola Side Table

Based on the motto ‘what you see is what you get,’ the Cupola Side Table is constructed from high-quality materials to give it its own kind of elegant transparency. Essentially, it plays tricks with conventionalism by turning gravity on its head, as the transparent elements from the heavy base, and the heavy glass components appear to float atop of it. The table is both constructive and decorative, which again means you can use it for any purpose you see fit, whether it’s used a soothing centrepiece for candles or plants, or to sit nicely alongside a sofa to help frame a living room.


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Finish With Small, Functional Accessories Like The MILLION Corona Hook

Small, considered home accessories such as these Corona Hooks will infuse your interior with a little more personality and a lot more functionality. As with the entire MILLION collection the functional hooks lean towards minimalism but they remain incredibly practical as they can be used in a variety of different ways. Three to be precise. Which means they can easily be attached to any wall in the house and act as a place to hang tapestries, art or even just coats. It’s also an easy way to introduce different textures in the room and soften the space as a result.

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