A lot of us are on a journey towards minimalism and simplicity in many different regards; financially, work-wise and in our home. The first two you may be doing pretty good at and we hope you are because we can offer no advice on that. What we can do, though, is help streamline your interior in line with creating the perfect minimalist family home. So, scroll down to discover the five easy steps to help you achieve the finest minimalist family home.

How To Create A Minimalist Family Home In 5 Easy Steps

Keep Things Simple

Minimalism isn’t about stripping everything back to the extreme it’s about finding a balance in aesthetic and function so you only show the essentials. That basically means, keep things simple. The logic literally applies to any room in the house – be it the bedroom, kitchen or living room – and the main pieces of furniture in each room should have clean, simple lines and be neutral in colour.

So, for the living space think modernist sofas, smooth edges and simple, uniform textiles, such as the Hem Paolo or Koti Sofa and the Hem Black Pocket Armchair. The same goes for the furniture, too. Look to mid-century antique-inspired pieces such as the natural wooden tables and classic carved chairs from Rex Kralj. Not to mention timeless Danish classics from Normann Copenhagen, including the Stay Table or the easy-to-move Tablo Table. If you’re craving a little bit of colour, you can introduce a few textiles from Nordic Knots to hang on the wall or drape over the sofa. Or pop some colour in your kitchen with the Normann Copenhagen Steel Form Barstool.

Keep Your Walls Considered & Clean

When it comes to de-cluttering your home, your first thought is likely to turn to removing all the accessories and knickknacks that live on sideboards, tables and cupboards. Naturally, that makes sense but to begin with it pays to think about your walls. When choosing colours for your new sense of minimalist living, you should basically opt for any shade that you see across the Nordic landscape, given how much of an impact Scandinavia have had on the formations of modern minimalism. So opt for greys, charcoals and eggshell whites as they will provide the perfect base to build up from. Especially when it comes to adding pop colours of deep sea blues, greens and pastel hues. Neutral walls should not be matched to light coloured floors, instead try a natural wood stain to your floors for a little added warmth.

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Keep In Touch With Nature

Not only will plants make the rooms in your home feel more alive and help purify and re-oxygenate the air, they’re also known for absorbing radiation from electronics. So it’s pretty healthy to have them dotted around, too. Basically, the results are massively in favour of homes that have large standing plants in living spaces but you can do better than a few basic plant pots. Look to Vitamin’s low maintenance I.V Pot Plant, complete with its own I.V Pot Plant. For a bolder, yet still strictly minimalist aesthetic, look to FLYTE’s Levitating Planter or the upside-down Boskke Sky Planter.

Keep Things Organised

When you think of storage solutions you probably think of angular plastic boxes hidden under beds or large bookshelves that don’t do much to disguise your clutter but they seem to harbour a lot of dust. You can forget all that, though. As there’s a number of easy storage solutions that take things off the floor – forget your ordinary cabinets and dressers – and put things neatly on the wall. Such as the Hem Zig Zag Shelf. Easily assembled without the need for tools, the high-quality clear-cut Zig Zag shelf is great because it basically means you can put your prints, books, vases and accessories on display in a practical way. Leaving work tops and tables clean in the process. There’s more than just the Zig Zag Shelf working to this revolutionary storage strategy, as the Hem Verso Shelf and the Atelier Belge Loopholes Package offer great alternatives, too.

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Keep Things Personal

The ethos of minimalism is quite clear; you’ve got to embrace the aesthetic of clean, open spaces and avoid impractical clutter. A few curated pieces of art can have a bigger impact than a whole room of disposable décor. So it pays to look to abstract and influential affordable art prints from the likes of Peytil, By Garmi, Olle Eksell, Kristina Dam, Mogensen Lopez, Paper Collective and more.

Beyond art, there are a number of new-wave ceramics, such as the Raawii, Schnied and OMMO, that can add a bit of dynamism to a kitchen work surface or a dining table, for example. Of course, you can really expand on the multi-functional minimalist theme by opting for a RS Barcelona ‘You and Me’ Ping Pong Table. It’s a ping-pong table with a surface, a design and a structure which gives it full playability. But, it is also a large dining table, a conference table just right for the dining room, or play room if you boast such luxuries.

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