Time and space are two valuable commodities in today's fast-paced, action-packed world. Two incredibly important values when it comes to interior design too. When there's so much modern, minimalist furniture around it's often difficult to find a way to incorporate it all into a living room without losing the balance, the cosiness or even space. Time becomes an issue when it comes finding a creative solution to unite the room in question. But that's where the rug comes in. Not only do rugs provide cover to your floors and comfort to your feet, but they also add a more homely feel to a room, like a demarcated area that's made for relaxation. So, how can you reconcile your living room's curated aesthetic and the cosy homeliness of a rug? It's easier than you think. Scroll down to discover 6 patterned rugs that will be sure to transform your interior.


Hem Black / Ivory Rain Rug

Beginning with a simple pattern, this Hem Rain Rug brings Sylvain Willenz’ Scribble collection of geometric hand sketches to life. Like an over-sized cutting mat or a giant sketchbook, the Grid and Rain patterns are simple, yet impactful. Which means the small rain pattern adds just enough interest without detracting from the rest of your decor.


Slowdown Studio Sphinx Rug

Good one for the living room, this. Available in a range of pastel and primary colour palettes, as well as contemporary and abstract designs, each Slowdown Studio blanket is the perfect way to remake a room. Especially good for the living room because Slowdown Studio claim that 'stepping on the rug barefoot is like walking on a cloud.' They confidently say this because each patterned rug is made from 100% wool that is hand-looped in India and cotton-backed for added durability.


Hem Large Grid Rug

When it comes to the bedroom rug, comfort is key. When you wake up in the morning, you want the first step to a good one - a satisfying one too. Hem's Large Grid Rug is expertly crafted from a warm wool blend so it does pretty good on that front and its playful yet restrained design will be a nice complementing addition to any neutral coloured bedroom. 



Nordic Knots Red / Black Tiger Rug

Thanks to its low pile height this hand-woven Nordic Knots rug is durable and long-lasting, which makes it a great rug for a busy area like the hallway or living room. Beyond the statement Swedish tiger stripe design that will add warmth to a room, the rug is woven straight through so you can use both sides of the rug should you need to. 

Nordic Knots Charcoal / Teal Classic Rug

If you're on the lookout for a solid area rug, you can't go far wrong with this handwoven one from Nordic Knots. It's made of New Zealand wool, making it sustainable, soft underfoot and incredibly durable. The traditional design is inspired by classic Scandinavian patterns, which means you can find a home for it almost anywhere, although we suggest contrasting it against natural wooden floors.


Puik Blue Hexagon Iso Isometric Rugs

This one is a real statement rug. The enchanting design is made of 100% wool and was created using the principles of isometric perspective. Which means it'll look different every time you look at it. Crafted from 100% wool, the thick, soft pile will warm your floor whilst acting as a strong focal point. Particularly good for a guest bedroom or even a child's playroom. 

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