If you were ever in doubt that menswear can be both luxurious and sustainable, then it’s time you were introduced to Uniforms for the Dedicated. Since its launch in 2008, the Swedish-based brand has sewn a sense of sustainability into a range of its sophisticated wardrobe staples and brought the relaxed, carefree Scandinavian aesthetic to the attention of a growing global audience.

The secret to Uniforms for the Dedicated’s success is its fuss-free philosophy. Originally established by a collective of snowboarders and various creative minds, the brand was born from a relationship with the outdoors and the lifestyle it has to offer. The brand’s mission is constantly evolving in order to create modern menswear in response to nature’s scare resources. This measured and authentic approach to design ensures Uniforms for the Dedicated’s clothes have an enduring quality. Which means they’ll not only age expertly over time, but they will always embody the quality and progression that the label strives for.


In an over saturated global market where consumption is upheld at the expense of quality and values, Uniforms for the Dedicated bring to life conscious creation – with all clothes focussed on its choice of organic, bio-based and recycled fabrics. This week, Uniforms for the Dedicated’s SS17 collection has arrived at OPUMO, and it brings an impressive collection of shirts, denim and outerwear that are all defined by its timeless silhouettes and playful details.




A homage to the great outdoors, the spring line is inspired by ‘fully-functional’ clothing, and is considered to be at the forefront of all Scandinavian environmentally-friendly pursuits. Each piece is built to last, as production remains rooted in Portugal, and aims to support the local garment industry while ensuring exceptional quality and high ethical standards.

We’ve got a few favourites in the collection, including the Navy Cord Pilot Jacket with its utility pockets and gold hardware, and the Denim Field Jacket - both of which are the perfect pieces of transitional outerwear to take you through spring. The Uniform for the Dedicated casual trousers are the foundation of the collection. Incredibly soft, and extremely comfortable courtesy of their elasticated drawstring waist, each one feels like a seasoned favourite from the very first wear, while their neutral hues make them an easy addition to any summer wardrobe. The brand’s signature pops of colour also creep into the collection in the form of the statement Linen Shirt and the Green Fleece Crewneck, which is the perfect alternative to the conservative grey sweater. Simply pair with Black Casual Seersucker Trousers and the Field Bomber, to provide a relaxed, colourful contrast to the elegantly tailored trouser and black fitted jacket.

Shop the Uniforms for the Dedicated collection at OPUMO.