“The spirit of an age may be best expressed in the abstract ideal arts, for the spirit itself is abstract and ideal.”

Hans Christian Øren of Oslo-based Oh Yeah Studio, follows a simple ideology. An ideology of how a minimal use of elements and colours can emphasise the elements actually used, and in doing so, communicate a particular expression accurately and abstractly. For his latest project, he has created a series of illustrations that reinterpret the beauty of Norwegian Fjords through the use of geometric shapes and a neutral colour palette.

The fjords – which have been frequently featured on the OPUMO Magazine for its array of luxury cabins – becomes the focus of Øren’s latest project for the UND – Unique Norwegian Designers. In particular, the landscape of Sognefjord, which is famous for being the longest, deepest and expansive fjord in the country.

Øren reimagines the sparse and serene landscape with a flurry of light pink, turquoise and sand colour hues that contrast against the irregular shapes carved out by ice. More than simple illustrations, Oren’s work stretches into the realms of surrealism; with the abstract shapes and colours combining to infiltrate the viewer’s unconsciousness.

For more of Hans Christian Øren work head to the Oh Yeah Studio Website.