Every year, we usher in the new year with a renewed sense of hope embodied in one goal that we want to complete over the next 365 days: the new year’s resolution. In general, new year’s resolutions have been dropped and forgotten after a week, showcasing the human desire for hope and something to work towards as well as the overwhelming power of procrastination. We say no to procrastination, we say start your resolution today. By starting your resolution – which will almost definitely be exercise-based – today, you bypass procrastination and the swathes of fresh hopefuls that crowd gyms and running routes throughout January. To encourage you to start today, we’ve got the perfect motivation – Aeance.

Aeance is a modern exercise clothing brand that merges ready-to-wear with technical apparel. Founded in 2015 in Stuttgart, the label is committed to making clothing with the least possible impact on the environment and has set up a special supply chain focusing on eco-sustainability and ethical responsibility. Here are the pieces that have got us started on our new year’s resolutions already.


Short Sleeve Jersey

Aeance’s Short Sleeve Jersey is made of a lightweight, super-fine merino wool blend made in New Zealand. The blend has properties that help with heat-regulation, wicking away sweat in the heat but also highly insulating for its weight. This piece boasts bonded seams throughout, minimising the chances of irritation over time and lending the workout T-shirt a sleek, technical aesthetic. You can get your hands on a navy colour or, our personal favourite, heather.


Aeance Navy Blue Jersey Jacket

What we love most about Aeance is not the technology that’s gone into the production, or that everything down to the smallest detail has been considered, it’s that the label’s clothing actually makes us look forward to working out. Aeance Navy Blue Jersey Jacket is crafted from a merino wool blend and features a whole host of important details. Look to the internal cable routers for example. These routers mean that you can forget about the annoying cable bouncing around on your run.

Blue Wind Jacket

Getting out of the house for a run is never a particularly attractive prospect. Fortunately, Aeance’s Blue Wind Jacket makes the weather a bit easier to confront. Made using a breathable Schoeller-dynamic fabric, the Wind Jacket is water and dirt-repellant and features laser-cut joints and bonded seams. This piece embodies the label’s precise and comprehensive approach to men’s exercise jackets.


Aeance Merino Wool Trousers

The world of exercise clothing is growing exponentially but still so few have found a way to produce workout gear that can be worn outside of a gym. Aeance’s Merino Wool trousers come in navy or grey and, thanks to a lightly tailored slim fit, are more than acceptable off-duty wardrobe staples. Cut from the highest grade double-face merino wool, you won’t ever want to take this pair of men’s sweat pants off.



Aeance Long Tights

When it comes to men's workout bottoms, tights are a divisive subject. Like it or not, they’re the most comfortable and efficient bottoms for exercise. Constructed from a bi-fabric construction, Aeance’s Long Tights feature a highly stretchable merino wool blend combined with a tight-weave compression fabric. If you feel that the standalone tights styling would be too much, use these thermal tights as an underlayer for exercise shorts.


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