Words by Lucy Thomas

Navigating the art world can be difficult in terms of trying to find the right prints and posters for the right spaces in your home. For those new to collecting art, or for those who are indecisive, it’s hard to know whether the investment is going to be worth it or not. If you take money out of the equation, however, the problem is minimised. That's why we've pulled together our favourite original affordable art prints to kick start your love affair with collecting, and make it easier for you to decorate every room in the house in the process.

Bedroom Wall Art Inspiration

Peytil Antibes

Due to Peytil’s stripped back and understated approach to art his pieces evoke a sophisticated and refined feel which makes them the perfect addition to your bedroom. ‘Antibes’, for example, works particularly well in a minimal setting as the piece balances between traditional portrait and contemporary graffiti styles, and this hybrid approach makes it a particularly compelling piece to invest in.

Read what Eitil Thoren Due had to say about launching his exclusive range at OPUMO here.

Sonic Editions 

Sometimes abstract art doesn’t quite cut it and you want something a little more authentic to fill a space. Sonic Editions make limited-edition, high-quality photographic prints that are certified, numbered and framed in a limited release. By working with some of the world’s best photographers, Sonic Editions offer true collector’s items of some famous snaps of sports stars, music legends and film icons. Basically, Sonic Edition's posters and prints are a great addition to any bedroom lacking a bit of style and personality

Oliver Shilling 013/014/015 A3 Prints

Oliver Shilling regularly explores scenes of travel and natural landscapes, oceans, deserts and mountains to bring his colour palette of oranges, blues and pinks to life. This trio of prints has a splash of colour to spruce up any space that is lacking, whilst its simple shapes ensure it can remain in-keeping with any interior, too.

Artwork 2

Art For The Living Room

At the end of a long day, it’s important to relax in a space that reflects the mood you’d like to be in. With its power to use shape, form and colour to create independent compositions, abstract art has the potential to transform any home. You should harness all that power into the heart of the home: the living room. Discover the perfect print, poster or canvas for your space with our selection of the finest abstract art from around the world below.

Atelier CPH

Atelier CPH’s ‘The Art of Fabric’ is based on translating fabric textures into a simple and minimalistic composition. The hand-painted textile is cut in different abstract shapes and geometric forms and the neutral palette is perfect for sprucing up a living space. Atelier CPH proves that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to reinvent your interior and have a well-thought out living space.

Mogensen Lopez

Danish artist Lopez designs abstract prints with a muted colour palette that will blend seamlessly into any living room. Transparency and geometry come into play in Mogensen Lopez's 'Blue Squares' print; the colours, shapes and layers create movement and make this an unobtrusive feature piece in any living room.

Aure Studio

Inspired by nature and texture Aure Studio creates a variety of prints that epitomise understated aesthetics. The simplicity of the pieces allows the room to not be overtaken by Aure's designs and instead work in harmony to compliment the surroundings. Mai No. 1 combines earthy tones and clean lines to make this piece perfect for any living room.

Wall Art & Prints For The Dining Room

Olle Eksell

Art doesn’t have to be so serious, it can be light-hearted and fun and graphic design prints and illustrations possess the power to transform any space. Add some colour and personality to your dining room while still keeping it refined with Olle Eskell's illustrations. Olle was seen as a creative designer that was ahead of his time and his most famous illustrations are known to include everything from the crazy and the fantasy-filled to abstract geometric shapes and intricate cityscapes. Eksell provides personality in the form of affordable art prints for when you need to add some character to your space.


Founder Carsten Nielsen is ‘fascinated by triangles and squares’ and this fascination has translated well into his latest collection of prints. Muted neutral colours and geometry are used in a such a way that the prints convey curiosity and intrigue among the viewer as well as disorientating them. Composition 01 is our OPUMO favourite, suitable for any dining space.

Charlotte Edey

Charlotte Edey is an illustrator who draws upon modernist architecture to create slightly surrealist prints. Her prints encompass themes of femininity, fluidity and space and these dream-like visions reflect a tranquil vibe that creates the perfect backdrop in a space to wind-down-in of an evening. The peachy and pastel hues of Edey's Chapel print add colour to your dining room whilst remaining refined and tasteful, too.

Artwork 3

Artwork 5

Art For The Home Office

Artwork has long been an integral part of the intellectual discourse and creation of architecture, and now it stands as an art form in its own right. This is shown in the latest collection of architectural drawings, prints and posters from Desplans, Tishk Barzanji and Benjamin Craven, at OPUMO these architectural prints are perfect for an office environment, as great stimuli for productivity.


Architecture gallery Desplans aims to reveal the creative process behind some of the worlds most famous buildings. Sketches, photographs, collages, plans and prints unveil, not the finished architecture, but its abstract and stylised beginnings. With it's orderly shapes and attention to detail this form of art is unusual, a head turner and the geometry is visually satisfying.


Inspired by bold and geometric styles in contemporary architecture, furniture and graphic art, Formworks designs and produces art editions that challenges the viewer’s perception, depth and space, by manipulating the boundless relationship of bold geometry and colour play. Formworks sign and number each piece meaning not only will your office space contain original art that is original and affordable, but also a part of an exclusive limited collection.

Kristina Dam

Founded in 2012  Kristina Dam's mission is to blur the lines between art and interior design, creating a world where aestheticism and practicality unite. Sculptural minimalism is a theme that the designer strives to achieve and this is encapsulated in the range of prints available. 'Endless' shows how architectural design can be captivating and provide inspiration in places where you need it most.


Top Tips For Buying Original Affordable Art

Hopefully, this whistle-stop tour of some of our favourite affordable art pieces will get you thinking about what it is that is missing in your home and how you can spend money on the right art to fill that vacant wall in your home. From photography to prints of the abstract variety, an art investment does not have to be so complicated. In fact, this guide shows you how you can invest in art prints and posters according to space and place, making it as simple as it needs to be.

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