Say the phrase 'natural deodorant' and you'll more than likely be met with a few eye rolls. The general consensus is that natural alternatives to conventional anti-perspirants are fussy, expensive and often simply don't work. It's a notion that Akt London is on a mission to challenge, with a natural deodorant balm that's winning sceptics over.

The brand was founded by  Ed Currie and Andy Coxon, who met in 2015 whilst performing in a show in London’s West End. Hours of intense rehearsals and dancing under hot stage lights left them desperate for a deodorant that would actually work, without staining their clothes or making them smell like teenage boys. Mainstream antiperspirants, as well as natural ones, just weren't cutting it.

So they took matters into their own hands. The pair spent three years researching and developing formulas, collaborating with leading experts in fragrance and cosmetic science before the Akt Deodorant Balm was finally born. They gave a sample to every single West End cast member in London and when the response was overwhelmingly positive, they knew they were onto a good thing.

Made from an enriched blend of high-quality ingredients that are nourishing, natural and super effective, such as coconut oil, shea butter and calendula, Akt's signature 'Deo-Barrier Complex' keeps you smelling fresh and feeling dry all day with just one application. Use the brand's helpful Applicator – which encourages lymphatic drainage and micro-circulation around your underarms, chest and neck – or simply massage it in with your fingers.

Everything about Akt has been carefully considered – from the high performing formulation down to the branding and 100% recyclable and plastic-free packaging – which, in line with Currie and Coxon's theatrical background, uses typography inspired by old theatre billboards. Even the delicious perfume-like fragrances – Orange Grove, After Thunder and The Onsen – are inspired by "scenes" in nature.

Unlike conventional deodorants, Akt deodorant won't stain your clothing, ensuring longer lasting garms. In fact, longevity is a key concern of the brand: apply a pea sized amount of the Deodorant Balm once per day and your tube should last around two months. The initial cost might be steeper than what you're used to spending on deodorant, but in the long run, you'll most likely end up saving money. Natural deodorant that's better for you, the planet and your bank balance: what's not to love?

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