“Simplicity is natures first step, and the last of art.”

Argentinian architecture studio Ries has created a collection of minimal furniture to display the elegant simplicity of modern design.

The Alpina range includes a chair, work desk, table and storage unit, all of which are based around simple steel frames and v-shaped solid metal supports.

In order to create luxury in simplicity, the studio constructed a versatile matrix with fixed proportions, which they adapted to create the steel framework across all four pieces. Which allows the art of simplicity to shine through, as each individual piece of furniture adopts their own identity, in the form of the rectangular backed chairs with perforated copper seats, or the rectangular table top with a laminated pale blue Formica façade.

“The material used for the chairs is historically used in factories, it has an industrial connotation, so by giving it a polished copper finish we like to think we are giving this material a new meaning and taking it out from where out minds think it comes from,” explain Ries.

Although the furniture may appear abstract and ‘uncomfortable to the eye’, as Ries deduce themselves, the studio explain that the furniture has not been designed for long periods of sitting, rather to be considered as a adaptable examples of art and design.

“We wanted to design a furniture collection that looked visually light, weightless, but rigid at the same time,” Ries told Dezeen. “We believe that furniture shouldn’t be conceived or shown as isolated objects, we believe that furniture is part of a bigger environment when put into space.”

Take a closer look at the Alpina range below and visit the Ries website for further information.

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