We spend our days trawling the internet to find the best new brands as well as the brands that have been doing their thing for some time without the deserved recognition. We’re not complaining, we love design of all kinds and we love having the platform to curate and share that design. One thing we aren’t so fond of is the idea that any of these brands might be missed in the bouquet of other iconic brands old and new that we have at OPUMO.

Gobo Lights

We spent many sleepless nights theorising ways to put an end to this injustice and our solution was simple: we would introduce new brands in a quick, to-the-point article that set out the essence of the labels. This time around, we welcome Gobo Lights to the platform.

General information:

Founded in 2014 in Belgium by designer Nicolas Brevers, Gobo Lights is known for premium lighting backed by a strong sense of creative experimentation. The brand’s products straddle the distinction between art pieces and functional lighting solutions.

Gobo Lights


While many styles of minimal lighting are static, using straight lines and even shapes, Gobo Lights designs are characterised by natural movement. Nicolas Brevers aims to instil a sense of momentum to any space that uses Gobo Lights through his selection of dynamic designs that leap from walls, rotate throughout the day and produce unexpected light shows.


Gobo Lights are inspired heavily by the statistics and proportions of nature. Seeking to evoke the essence of natural forms by using delicate lines and the timeless laws of geometry, Brevers lends his products a new design language where rationality and functionality are in constant dialogue with emotion to create a hypnotising and soothing world.

Gobo Lights

Gobo Lights

Top 3 picks:

Gobo Lights Euros Pendant Light

Suspended seemingly unaided in mid-air, the Euros pendant is made up of three gracefully curved bars that hang harmoniously, balancing one another and moving slowly. Reminiscent of Alexander Calder’s famous mobiles, Brevers explores a world of movement to communicate a feeling of tranquility and balance.

Gobo Lights Helios Pendant Light

Surrounded by a perfect metal circle, the Helios light uses empty space to give the impression of fullness. This simple design throws a graceful shadow onto nearby walls and furniture which, despite the fact that the light itself doesn’t move, fulfils Brevers’ desire for dynamism.

Gobo Lights

Gobo Lights Zephyr Wall Light

As if it has just been fired from the socket, Zephyr extends along a thin, slightly curved brass rod. This unorthodox light fitting is a playful addition to any interior and is guaranteed to spark conversation.

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