Project name: Apto TLP | Location: Santa Cecília, Sao Paulo | Completed: 2019 | Architect: Renato Mendonça Arquitetura 

Apto TLP is located in Santa Cecília and was developed for a single man buying his first apartment. The client’s brief was to have an apartment that reflected his own personality. His first request was that the apartment use colour carefully – a request fulfilled by the design which uses the colours of Abaporu engravings acquired by the client while travelling. 

A second request asked for a large but privacy-oriented environment. All of Apto TLP’s inner walls were removed, including the bathroom wall. Bathroom and bedroom are now separated by reinforced, misted glass which allows for privacy as well as siphoning natural light between the bathroom and bedroom. This industrial touch adds a rugged edge to the otherwise softly coloured apartment.

One of Apto TLP’s most memorable aspects it the soft-pink concrete floor which works to enlarge the space as well as introducing a sense of freshness alongside the rich yellow colour that runs through the property. Pink features heavily in the project, spreading from the floor to the sofa and much of the other furniture.

Features like the pink flooring and sofas contrast with elements like the raw-finish, irregular Itaúnas granite basin or the natural-wood dining table that speak of wild nature. This tension acts as the final turn in the story of an apartment that depicts its owner. The architects have successfully captured the client’s personality and interests in a modern home that works as a whole.

Photography by Lufe Gomes.

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