Lithuanian-based architectural studio Archispektras reference the ‘layers, distances, experiences and dimensions’ of the seaside as the inspiration behind the creation of their latest project; the Dune House.

The ‘kite surfers’, ‘boats’ and ‘ever-changing landscape’ of the sea was the immediate focus of the sharp linear structure that intersects the home’s curvaceous character with the mapped location in the dunes of the Baltic sea.

The home possesses a strong contemporary character courtesy of the sculpted façade and the straw centrepiece which allows the property to sit inconspicuously amongst the typography of the local area.

In actual fact, the reed-thatch roof offers more than just the feeling of tranquillity as it presents a new vision of how to bring traditional techniques into the epicentre of modern architecture.

Internally, the home comprises of sections of laminated timber that alter gradually in height and shape to create an open-plan living area where skylights are deployed to infiltrate the property with natural light.

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