No, you're not seeing things. This catamaran really does have one hull bigger than the other. Much, much bigger. What's more the Asean Lady could be yours - and there really is nothing like it. Winner of a coveted Most Innovative Yacht Award, the Asean Lady's one-off design is based on that of South Pacific outrigger canoes. It is, as you might imagine, just a little more luxurious than the vessels that inspired it.

The Asean Lady is almost 300 feet long, so there's plenty of room for all the upscale appointments you'd expect on such a vessel. Raffles Yachts, who are selling this remarkable yacht, say there are eight staterooms, each rather larger than the average cabin. In total, the Asean Lady can sleep 18 guests and there's also accommodation for 18 crew, so you will be properly looked after. For those who'd like to fly in, there's a handy helipad.

The real talking point though is that extra hull. Pride Mega Yachts designed the yacht, commissioned by multimillionaires Vincent Tan and Brian Chang and inspired by the proa, the outrigger canoe of the South Pacific. The concept is that the asymmetrical design reduces noise while increasing both space and stability while at sea. Not only that, but the yacht can move sideways, using both fore and aft drives, which makes pulling up to your designated mooring much easier than you'd expect of such a big vessel. Essential for jetset impact.

Living space is on the generous side, since so much more width is available than on a monohull yacht, thanks to that extra hull. Aside from those staterooms - and the huge master suite boasts its own balcony and private office - there's an impressive entrance hall and a curving staircase that wouldn't be out of place in a particularly grand country house. The yacht has its own large bar area while a formal dining room can seat 14. Outside, there's room for four jet skis up front for those who prefer a little pre-dinner exercise.

If you're keen on this unique yacht, and honestly who wouldn't be, the good news is that the asking price has just been reduced by €3,000,000.The less good news is that you'll still need a fair bit of dosh before being able to call the Asean Lady your own. Worth every penny, we'd say.

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