Asket is Swedish for "ascetic": one who has fewer excess material goods, in search of greater spiritual gain. The label's founders Jacob Dworsky and August Bard Bringeus have dispensed with seasonal garments and indeed all conventional notions of "fashion". Instead, Asket offers a collection of essentials, unchanged in design and in pursuit of a certain purity. Materials are natural, sourcing is sustainable and responsible, and the key ingredient, Asket says, is love. Pieces are developed slowly and improved through client feedback.

Asket have, true to their philosophy, developed their own sizing system. Asket's signature T-shirts, as well as the label's essential shirts and coats, fit true to size, but there are additional options on length, once preferred size is selected. With shorts and Asket's meticulously cut denim jeans and chinos, there are options on your individual build before waist size and then length is chosen. It's all part of the unique Asket way of doing things and a recognition that humans come in all shapes and sizes. There will be, in this additional choice of sizes, the ideal Asket garment to suit you. 

Asket points to consider:

  • All Asket essentials fit true to usual size
  • Build and length options mean a better fit
  • If in any doubt, order two to find your ideal Asket pieces

Asket sizing guide:

If you're usually a size... Then go for an Asket size...
XS  XS Short/Regular/Long  
S S Short/Regular/Long
M M Short/Regular/Long
L  L Short/Regular/Long
XL  XL Short/Regular/Long
Usual waist size Asket waist size
28 28 Slim/Regular, 30/32 Length
29 29 Slim/Regular, 30/32 Length
30 30 Slim/Regular, 30/32 Length
31  31 Slim/Regular, 30/32/34 Length 
32 32 Slim/Regular, 30/32/34 Length
33 33 Slim/Regular, 30/32/34 Length
34 34 Slim/Regular, 32/34/36 Length
36  36 Slim/Regular, 32/34 Length

  1. White Oxford Shirt
  2. Dark Navy Merino Roll Neck
  3. Dark Green Oxford Shirt
  4. Off White Lightweight T Shirt
  5. Dark Green Merino Roll Neck
  6. Charcoal Melange Merino Zip Cardigan
  7. Burgundy Sweatshirt
  8. Black Woven Elastic Belt
  9. Dark Green Merino Wool Polo
  10. Matte Black Zip Jacket
  11. Dark Navy Merino Zip Cardigan
  12. Dark Navy Oxford Shirt
  13. Brown Braided Leather Belt
  14. White Long Sleeve T Shirt

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