As each day passes, we move one step closer to the realisation that it’s time to wear more clothes. The winds start to bite instead of soothing, so it’s time to throw on a jumper and some thicker trousers. While the summer is ideal accessorising time, with each piece proudly on show at all times, the arrival of autumn means we need to take a new approach. Jewellery becomes less noticeable when it doesn’t have as much space around it to breathe, but this doesn’t need to be a bad thing, picking subtle jewellery with a characterful edge is an easy way to make the effort without looking as though you’ve tried too hard. In these trying times, who better to turn to than Alex Orso?

alex orso

Alex Orso rings

Silver Hex Signet Ring

Cast in solid sterling silver before being plated with rhodium, the Hex Signet Ring embodies Orso’s style: classic with a twist. Still entirely minimal, the brushed satin finish of the outer face alongside the blank signet top makes for a more interesting, detailed product without complicating the style.

Silver 5mm Ring

For an even more pared-back accessory, opt for the 5mm ring in gold or silver. Featuring no details other than brand's hallmarks to the inside face, this ring is completely unobtrusive meaning that it doesn’t matter when, where or how you wear it, it’ll work.

alex orso

Alex Orso necklaces

Silver Nut Pendant

Alex Orso’s philosophy is perhaps best illustrated by the pendants used for necklaces. The everyday objects used for decoration – nuts, bolts, bottle tops – are elevated to jewellery level with rhodium plating and brushed finishes. Like the label’s simple designs, Alex Orso elevates any object will cool self-assurance.

Silver Ring Pull Pendant

Cast in brass and plated in rhodium, one side of the Ring Pull Pendant features a brushed satin finish, the other a high polish. This necklace forces us to reconsider objects that we would normally discard without a second thought.

  1. Truffle Chelsea Boots
    £233 (Duties may apply)

alex orso

alex orso

Alex Orso bracelets

Silver & Black Diamond 7mm Cuff

This solid sterling silver cuff shows a side of the label that’s rarely on show. One end of the silver cuff boasts three 1.8mm black diamonds that are fitted flush to the end. The diamonds have been sourced through suppliers who comply with the Kimberley Process and the World Diamond Council System of Warranties.

Silver 10mm Punched Cuff

Back to basics, the Punched Cuff is a classic sterling silver cuff that features a symmetrical pattern of punched holes to give it that signature Alex Orso subversion. The piece is not an instant eye-catcher, but roll up your sleeve and let it do its subtle thing.

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