While Axel Arigato produces a stellar line of clothing and more fashion forward trainer designs, it’s most well known for its minimalist sneakers. Handcrafted in Portugal, the brand’s signature Clean 90 model is both sleek and laid back, but what’s Axel Arigato sizing like? 

The Axel Arigato website states the shoes fit true to size, so if you usually take a UK size 9, you should order them in that size. Axel Arigato sizing accommodates half sizing for those who are 6.5 or 9.5, so if you take those sizes you’re covered too. 

It’s also worth noting that Clean 90 sneakers have a relatively slim mid-section and leather that is quite stiff out of the box, so if you want a bit of room to play with it’s worth considering the next size up. 

  1. Black Genesis Sneaker
  2. White Tori Bird Clean 90 Sneaker
  3. 24007 Orbit Sneakers
  4. Black Bee Bird Sweatshirt
  5. Dark Beige Observer Puffer Jacket
  6. Light Grey / White Dunk Sneaker
  7. Beige Monogram T Shirt
  8. White Croc Clean 90 Sneakers
  9. Black / White Clean 90 Triple Sneaker
  10. Black Croc Clean 90 Sneakers
  11. Grey Clean 90 Sneaker
  12. Beige Clean 90 Suede Sneaker
  13. Black / Grey Clean 90 Sneaker
  14. Grey / White Contrast Clean 90 Sneakers

If you're still not confident about which size is right for you, it's worth considering ordering two pairs in different sizes, with the goal of returning one. That way you'll have two pairs of shoes to compare, and will have already committed to returning one of them.

Key points to consider: 

  • Axel Arigato fits true to size. Take your normal size. 
  • If you’re in between sizes, take the half size up. 
  • They fit on the narrow side through the mid-section. If you have wide feet consider taking the next size up. 

Axel Arigato size chart:

If you're the following UK size in most sneakers... Buy this size in Axel Arigato sneakers... If you have wide feet then buy the following size in Axel Arigato sneakers...
UK 6 UK 6 UK 7
UK 6.5 UK 6.5 UK 7
UK 7 UK 7 UK 8
UK 8 UK 8 UK 9
UK 9 UK 9 UK 10
UK 9.5 UK 9.5 UK 10
UK 10 UK 10 UK 11
UK 11 UK 11 UK 12
UK 12 UK 12 UK 12.5
UK 12.5 UK 12.5 UK 13.5

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