Skateboarding was first invented in the 1940s, though back then the skateboards were a long way from the boards we know nowadays. Usually made with metal or clay wheels, 1940s skateboards were certainly not up to any tricks and were barely up to moving at all. Since then, skateboarding has come a long way, with certain skateboarding brands coming to the fore thanks to their hand in advancing one of the world’s most well-known subcultures. One of those brands is Banzai Skateboards, famed for making cruiser skateboards and skateboarding apparel that changed the way a whole generation rode. With a CV like that, we though it was only right that we looked into the history of skateboarding and how Banzai Skateboards cemented its name in the annals of skating culture.

Who is Banzai Skateboards?

During the 1970s, Banzai Skateboards designed and produced a cruiser skateboard made from anodised aluminium which has never been forgotten. The design marked a turning point for skateboarding as it featured the world’s first double kicktails. This gave skateboarders twice the freedom when it came to surfing sidewalks. 

The birth of skateboarding

The real birth of skateboarding took place in the 1970s in California. Sun-soaked sidewalks were overrun by the newest craze. Skateboarding had hit the mainstream after the invention of polyurethane wheels. Instead of the clunky metal or clay wheels that were previously available, polyurethane skateboard wheels allowed skaters to ride faster and more smoothly than ever before.

In 1976, the first Banzai skateboard was released. The simple 23-inch skateboards were characterised by their colourful varnish and space-age design elements which captured the zeitgeist of the ‘70s. These bright slalom skateboards stood out against the other plastic penny boards and nickel skateboards on the market and left an imprint in the culture of street skateboarding and early pool skating. 

Banzai skateboards were almost indestructible and, unlike the plastic and wooden skateboards of the time could withstand the weather of California’s coastal region.

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Modern day skating with Banzai Skateboards

44 years after the first Banzai Skateboards design was released, the classic skateboarding brand is making a resurgence. During these years, Banzai boards turned into collectors items for skateboarders and design lovers alike thanks to the timeless product design. 

Taking the original design but updating it with modern production techniques and components, Banzai Skateboards is on its way to reestablishing itself as an authentic skateboard, lifestyle and accessory brand for a global community of skateboarders and design enthusiasts. 

Banzai Skateboards Ghost Skateboard No.3

Banzai Skateboards’ Ghost Skateboard is available in medium and large sizes. The medium-sized board is the closest you’ll get to the original ‘70s slalom style 22 cruiser board but luckily leaves behind the shakiness thanks to a more effective short wheelbase. The large version comes equipped with thicker, shock-absorbing riser pads and a wheelbase closer to modern longboards and classic skateboards. If you’re looking for a city skateboard then this cruiser board is for you. 

What's more, each Banzai skateboard comes unassembled. Why? Because carefully assembling your personal Banzai board from its components will give you a deeper understanding of its design and functionality.

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