We’ve seen a revolution in the world of men's swimwear in recent years. What used to be a very bleak landscape has blossomed into a colourful and lively ecosystem populated by exciting brands catering to different needs. You only have to look as far as APNÉE for swimwear with a sustainable edge, or Bassal and Nikben for something a touch louder.


Based on the idea that anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old, Bassal swimwear is a celebration of life, beauty and colour. Most pairs of Bassal swim shorts are characterised by a bold motif, from basic grids to snakes, though others focus more closely on tailoring. Whatever the focus may be, all pairs of the luxury swim shorts are instilled with the label’s mediterranean inspirations and it doesn’t end there, just take a look at their Barcelona store for more laid-back coastal flair.


Where to find Bassal Barcelona: Carrer del Mestre Nicolau, 10, 08021

Embedded in the walls of one of Barcelona’s shining white streets sits Bassal’s only physical store. Completely unimposing from the outside, the space is designated by a minimal signpost as well as the text logo above the shop front. Take a step up onto the original marble platform that leads to the homely wooden door that greets customers onto the Bassal beach. The store’s interior is highlighted by a golden carpet that climbs, undulating, halfway up the walls. The carpet boasts an uneven sheen closely replicating a sandy mini beach.

The small space centres around an elliptical hanging display. The designer swim shorts that hang from the rail on raw wooden hangers fill out the whole shop with their bright patterns, aided by carefully positioned mirrors. The whole store is tied together by the continued use of soft, curving lines. From mirrors to rails, hangers and even the carpet, almost everything in the space is cut to a soft, natural shape.


A successful retail space should primarily embody the ethos of its brand: the mediterranean beach inspirations behind Bassal translate seamlessly into the physical retail location. The freedom and youthful abandon of the bright motifs are indirectly reflected in the store itself. Were the walls to be patterned in the same way, the shop would be an unbearable mash-up of contrasting colours and prints, instead Bassal have reproduced the feeling of creative freedom and playfulness. All the while, touches like the minimal changing rooms show restraint and elevate the store to an undeniable success.