Premium Danish accessories provider Mismo has just unveiled visuals for its latest collection of contemporary bags titled ‘Legacy’.

To many people the true legacy of Mismo is the classic cotton canvas bag, as its signature tight-woven cotton canvas design, the design of the brand’s very first bag in 2008, helped bring Mismo to international attention. After a few experiments into technical capabilities and other materials, Mismo are revitalising its classic line of hardwearing bags to bring you a ‘true companion’ when it comes to everyday adventures or remote retreats.

Designed to facilitate continuous movement, the brand keeps the everyday inner-city commuter and active adventurist in mind – and although the collection consists of a number of different styles, they all have one thing in common; they are designed with ease of movement in mind. The thinking behind 'Legacy' is that the modern individual is style conscious, yet always on the move. With that in mind, durable cotton fabrics are used to elevate the designs in order to be more lightweight, functional and sophisticated. As a result, the collection promises to provide you with what Mismo describes as “true freedom”.

Perfectly in time for the new season, Mismo has also introduced earthy colour tones of camel, forest and night canvas to complement the classic colourways of navy and black. Check out the visuals and explore our favourite bags from the new Mismo collection below.



The Bag For After Hours - The MS Pastime

Although the name is a true giveaway, the Mismo MS Pastime is a bag designed for the adventurist within us all. Small enough to be quietly carried around and big enough to hold a day’s essentials, the Pastime is designed with practical PVC lining to protect against water and for easy cleaning. There are also two snap buttons on the top fold-down closure, which is additionally secured by a front buckle for added security. For ease of travel, the bag features a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap and a small hook-on “grab” handle, both of which can be fixed to one of the five neatly placed D-rings on the backside for individual carrying.

The Travel Bag - The MS Suitcase

It’s not just our travelling habits that are becoming more flexible; the same can also be said for the universal ‘I’m so ready for a holiday’ accessory – the suitcase, which has adopted a sleeker, slimmer and softer silhouette in recent years. Take this Mismo MS Suitcase as an example; cut from Mismo’s signature blend of durable Italian cotton and nylon, it is finished in a smaller, more diminutive size for easy transportation. While the neatly designed compartments, zippers and pockets ensure the bag is a sharp and clean-cut 48-house suitcase.

The Backpack - The MS Escape

The Mismo MS Escape Backpack has fast become one of the brand’s standout styles courtesy of its classic-meets-contemporary design. Defined by its traditional cycling pack with its folded top and barrel-shaped body, the bag has been reworked and refined through the Mismo lens to capture a city-casual, lightweight and sophisticated appearance. The top of the bag is gently closed and kept in place by two hidden magnetic buttons to complete the sleek, simplistic aesthetic.


The Weekend Bag - The MS Weekend

Behind every Mismo product is the philosophy that luxury and functionality should co-exist, and the MS Weekend Bag is a testament to this. The perfect accompaniment to any journey, the high and wide length of the bag provides a wealth of space to comfortably fit all your belongings. While the soft structured cotton canvas, available in the all-new Jacquard cotton canvas, provides added durability. Complete with tonal leather accents, including buckle adjustable leather handles which can be altered to find the perfect grip – and even elongated for a shoulder hung option. It’s essentially an understated, elegant weekend bag for men with ample space to hold all the essentials for a quick country get-away or use it as your daily companion if you, like us, favour a bag that can hold those extra necessities that an active everyday calls for.

The Handheld – The MS Soft Work Bag

As one of the first ever styles launched in the Legacy collection, the MS Soft Work Bag has grown to become one of the most iconic styles of the Mismo roster; praised by both men and women for its simplicity, functionality and quality. Inspired by old-fashioned grocery bags, the MS Soft Work has now been updated to feature a range of highly functional features from its signature folded top closure to its large ‘grocery’ pocket on the outside. The classic folded top closure can be simply fastened by folding down and securing with two sailor snap hooks attached behind the handle – this gives and adjustable, padded strap that can be carried in any way you see fit.

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