Need to stay connected while out on your motorcycle, whether that be a cafe racer or off-road ride? You’ll be needing a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. Leading manufacturers offer the option of adding a bespoke Bluetooth kit to transform top of the range models into equally top of the range Bluetooth motorcycle helmets, ready and waiting to take those important calls and - just as importantly - supply your Easy Rider playlist. Look out for potential for intercom communication to talk to your pillion passenger - or even other riders who are within range. Take a look at our pick of the five best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets to select yours.

Icon Domain Cornelius

You’ll need to specify Icon’s HelmLink Bluetooth to convert the Icon Domain Cornelius into a multi-function Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, with Bluetooth audio links, voice-activated digital access and one click to connect intercom system. The helmet is more than ready: because Icon's HelmLink Bluetooth fits snugly into specially designed recesses to transform the Icon Domain Cornelius into a fully-functioning Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. HelmLink kit includes a rear-facing LED system to add to visibility. Helmet basics are equally impressive: the Icon Domain Cornelius is constructed of super-tough FRP - fibreglass reinforced plastic - hand-crafted and boasting maximum protection combined with minimal weight. Signature dorsal fin and multiple intake vents are designed to offer more than ample ventilation. Addition of HelmLink kit transforms the Icon Domain Cornelius into a best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet contender.

Ruroc Atlas 4.0

Ruroc have turned to high end audio specialists Harmon Kardon to help engineer their Shockwave system, which is designed to complement the Ruroc Atlas 4.0 Carbon Core to create a full-featured Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. Shockwave system slips easily into internal Bluetooth motorcycle helmet lining, so there’s no unsightly and clumsy external fittings. Harmon Kardon have added noise suppressing technology for totally clear phone calls and Shockwave to Shockwave communication with your pillion rider or nearby similarly equipped motorcyclists. Drivers on your Ruroc Shockwave equipped Bluetooth motorcycle helmet are 40 mm full range Harmon Kardon units. Quality is designed to match that of this lightweight carbon fibre helmet, which Ruroc say, is one of the first to meet the demanding ECE 2206 safety standard. Internal lining is re-engineered for maximum protection and comfort, with advanced acoustic damping to help the Harmon Kardon sound detailing reach your ears.

AGV Tourmodular

Italian legends AGV are among the most famous names in crash helmets, and one of their Tourmodular range could easily become your next advanced Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. Key is AGV’s Insyde kit which not only offers standard Bluetooth connectivity - for music, calls and FM radio - but also, courtesy a collaboration with experts Cardo, a hugely impressive advanced intercom system. Insyde allows the rider to connect to up to 15 riders, 1.2 km apart, and not only talk to them, but include all and any in your phone calls. Control is single touch or by voice control through Insyde’s Natural Voice system so that, as AGV put it, “there are no distractions, just continuous communication” on your AGV Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. Tourmodular helmet itself boasts construction from carbon fibre, meeting E2206 safety standards and designed for maximum comfort over long journeys. AGV was always good enough for racing legend Valentino Rossi. He’d no doubt approve of their Insyde-equipped Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, too.

Schuberth C5

German engineering of Schuberth’s C5 helmet comes with speakers pre-installed for the company’s SC2 Bluetooth Communication System to transform the C5 into a leading Bluetooth motorcycle helmet contender. Remote control fits snugly in a dedicated recess to the side of the Schuberth C5, Mesh 2.0 system provides intercom communications network, Universal Intercom system integrates with other networks while Bluetooth connectivity allows for audio multi-tasking from two Bluetooth sources. SC2 system is also compatible with both Apple’s Siri and Google’s Assistant. All of this integrates easily with the C5 helmet, which uses the company’s Direct Fibre Processing system to keep weight of the glass fibre C5 low while providing maximum protection. Aerodynamics are designed for maximum high speed stability while EPS foam liner provides the highest shock absorption. Schuberth are well known for their Formula One helmets, so their C5, equipped with SC2 kit, makes for a formidable Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. 

Bell SRT-Modular

You’ll need to add your own after-market EPS speaker system to Bell’s SRT-Modular to transform it into a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet that’s worthy of the storied Bell name. Bell have engineered recessed EPS speaker pockets into the interior of the SRT-Modular for your choice of systems to make the transformation into a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet a simple one. For those who are committed to the history and quality of the Bell name, this small effort is easily worth it for the engineering and protection that California’s Bell Helmets have offered since they produced their first full face helmet back in 1968. Their SRT-Modular helmet has a fibre glass shell with a flip-up style allowing for open face riding when you prefer the wind in your face in true ‘Easy Rider’ style. Bell’s patented Panovision shield offers Class 1 optics, says the company. 

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