We’re great believers in keeping things simple when it comes to home accessories. If you’re a regular at OPUMO, you’ll already know this but if you’re new to the pages then we’d like to prove our position with the help of Northern and Nordic Knots.

When we consider understated Scandinavian interior design, these two names loom large thanks to their highly original approach. Creativity and restraint take the front seats, combining to result in two collections that are as easy to style as they are exciting to explore.

In our books, successful interior design is not about the grand gesture. While a centrepiece is important – perhaps that's a statement sofa or an eye-catching oak coffee table – the true measure of a well-designed space is found in the small things. Accessorising your rooms is really important as it’s a way to really get creative and communicate your personality on a deeper level. Here are the home accessories leading our interior design inspiration right now.

Northern Black Birdy Table Lamp

Northern’s Black Birdy Table Lamp perfectly exemplifies how to make a statement without going overboard. This minimal desk lamp is made of bold angles and strong shapes which inevitably draw the eye. Originally designed in 1952, the lamp was produced and sold by the Norwegian electricity company Sønnico and was awarded the golden medal at the Milan Triennale in 1954. In 2013, Northern relaunched the design, preserving the original shape and functional features that made it so popular.

Northern Black Painted Oak Hifive Wall Cabinet

This wall-mounted cabinet from Northern combines design and display in typical understated fashion. Designed in a modular style, the Hifive Slim Wall Cabinet suits a range of practical needs and offers a flexible solution to tidying your clutter. This version of the Hifive oak cabinet includes a sliding door as well as two open units which can be configured and combined in whatever arrangement suits your space best. 

Nordic Knots Simple Object 18 Rug

Rugs are a great way to take your home accessories to a new level without overcomplicating things, especially when it’s a minimal woollen rug from Nordic Knots. Designed in collaboration with Danish artist Carsten Beck Nielsen, the Simple Object 18 Rug is hand-knotted with premium quality wool. Artist Carsten Nielsen notes that “It’s a different way of experiencing art in a home. It’s fascinating to see how different an artwork is experienced when it’s on the floor rather than on the wall.” 

Nordic Knots Cream / Black Tiger Rug

Nordic Knots’ Tiger Rug offers a minimal, contemporary interpretation of a tiger’s stripes. Bold black lines stand out against a rich cream background – a colour combination that trumps almost any other. A regular motif means that a rug doesn’t demand as much attention and won’t clash with other bold shapes within a room, so it’s a safe bet. Crafted by hand from pure New Zealand wool, the Tiger Rug is woven all the way through so that you can use both sides of it if necessary. 

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