True crime podcasts are stealing the show these days. It has never been easier to tune out and consume gory details about the atrocities committed by Ted Bundy or Charlie Manson. How else can we convince ourselves that we are good people? We're not as bad as these monsters. The cathartic nature of true crime is easily accessible via the almighty podcast. Check out these five addictively sinister productions of crime, gore and deceit.

My Favourite Murder

My Favourite Murder has been captivating eager listeners – or “Murderinos”, as they're known, since January 2016. The bi-weekly podcast is hosted by true crime enthusiasts Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, who break down their favourite stories of murder and hear hometown crime stories from their friends and fans. A winning combination of comedy and intriguing storytelling ensures a riveting listen every time.


Hosted by Phoebe Judge and Lauren Spohrer, Criminal is one of the most addictive true crime podcasts we've come across. Each episode focuses on a different crime, looking at the motivations, cultural contexts and political undercurrents of each one, rather than just the gory details. It's the perfect combination of hard hitting investigative journalism and riveting storytelling.

The Last Podcast on the Left

Those with a dark sense of humour will devour the Last Podcast on the Left, a production that covers all things horror – from Jeffrey Dahmer to Jonestown. Hosted by Ben Kissel, Marcus Parks and Henry Zebrowski, it's an engaging listen that will seriously satisfy your bloodlust. Episodes are released twice a week, so there's no shortage of content to catch up on.

They Walk Among Us

They Walk Among Us is a number one hit podcast from husband and wife team Benjamin and Rosanna Fitton. It focuses on true crime in the UK, covering a whole range of cases from the sinister to the surreal. Meticulously researched and incredibly engrossing, it's guaranteed to have you hooked from the first episode you listen to.

British Scandal

From one of the hosts of My Dad Wrote a Porno Alice Levine comes British Scandal, a brand-new podcast that recounts the stories of the murkier side of the British elite, from the Murdoch phone hacking scandal to the Litvinenko affair. It offers a winning combination of sex, power and politics, all while acknowledging the human side of the stories and those caught up in the scandals.

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