When it comes to crafting the perfect ambiance for your sanctuary, selecting the right wall art for the bedroom is paramount. The artwork you choose should not only complement the décor but also evoke emotions and set the tone for relaxation. That's why Wall of Art was founded: to share the work of the most inspiring artists with you and your home.


10 Best wall art for bedroom in 2024

Drive by Vanellimelli

Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of yesteryears with "Drive" by Vanellimelli. This analog photograph captures the essence of a 1968 Pontiac Firebird parked gracefully amidst a blooming bougainvillea tree in Los Angeles. Melanie Kieback, known as Vanellimelli, expresses a longing for nostalgia through her KODAK KAR series, encapsulating a bygone era in captivating visuals.

Nexus I by Lena Wigers

Lena Wigers' "Nexus I" presents a harmonious blend of soft, compliant shapes against a minimalist backdrop. The black shapes juxtaposed against a beige/gray canvas invite contemplation and introspection. Part of the "Nexus" series, this artwork adds a touch of sophistication to any bedroom setting, reflecting Wigers' penchant for shapes and colors encountered in everyday life.

Vacation by Hanna Peterson

Transport yourself to idyllic Swedish countryside summers with "Vacation" by Hanna Peterson. This painting depicts a serene scene of relaxation under a birch tree, capturing the essence of a perfect summer day. Clad in a red linen shirt and sun hat, the figure in the painting invites viewers to bask in the tranquility of nature.

Tokyo Drift by Vanellimelli

"Tokyo Drift" from Vanellimelli's KODAK KAR series offers a glimpse into the bustling streets of Tokyo at night. An analog photograph showcasing a classic Toyota Taxi navigating through narrow alleys, it encapsulates the fast-paced energy of urban life. With Vanellimelli's signature nostalgic touch, this artwork adds an intriguing dimension to any bedroom space.

Blue Summer Skies by Peter-Maximilian Ronsdorf

Dive into a realm of abstract beauty with "Blue Summer Skies" by Peter-Maximilian Ronsdorf. From his Helium series, this colorful artwork invites viewers to indulge in a visual symphony of hues and layers. Ronsdorf's art aims to create an immersive experience, encouraging viewers to pause and appreciate the beauty within.

Beach Day by Josefine Lundhall

Josefine Lundhall's "Beach Day" transports viewers to the sun-soaked shores of Monterosso al Mare in northern Italy. Through analog photography, Lundhall captures the vibrant colors of beach parasols against the inviting backdrop of the sea. With a keen eye for detail and natural light, Lundhall's art brings a slice of coastal charm to any bedroom.

Oh No by Kalle Lindeman and Wille Larsson

"Oh No" typographic poster by Kalle Lindeman and Wille Larsson adds a bold statement to bedroom décor. Set against an off-white background, the thick font exudes confidence and modernity. As creators of the Kvarnsten Sans font, Lindeman and Larsson infuse their design with a sense of playfulness and sophistication.

Mammas mamma by Alexander Adiels

Alexander Adiels' "Mammas mamma" captivates with its abstract portrayal of familial heritage. Natural colors and mixed hues converge to highlight an enigmatic face, symbolizing the continuum of life. Adiels' artwork encourages reflection on the interconnectedness of generations, making it a poignant addition to any bedroom space.

Peace by Kalle Lindeman and Wille Larsson

Spread tranquility and harmony with "Peace" by Kalle Lindeman and Wille Larsson. This graphic illustration of a hand gesturing a peace sign is rendered in soothing green tones, promoting a sense of serenity. Available in multiple colors, including red under the title "4.5.1 Peace," this artwork serves as a timeless reminder of unity and goodwill.

Cote D’Azur by Oona Åman

Experience the allure of the French Riviera with "Cote D’Azur" by Oona Åman. Through analog photography, Åman captures a moment of leisure as a man serves freshly squeezed juice from a quaint white car. With earthy tones and nostalgic charm, this artwork channels the essence of Mediterranean indulgence, making it a captivating addition to any bedroom décor.

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