Embracing simplicity and functionality, minimalist homeware pieces hold the power to transform any living environment into a serene sanctuary. This article explores a curated selection of homeware items meticulously designed to help you achieve a minimalist haven within your home. From sleek furniture that doubles as art to thoughtfully crafted decor that serves a purpose, we'll delve into the essential elements that can turn your living space into a sanctuary of clean lines, uncluttered spaces, and timeless elegance. Discover how these homeware pieces not only enhance aesthetics but also promote a sense of calm and well-being in your everyday surroundings.


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Side table: Hem

The Glyph Tables by Kwangho Lee for Hem are living room sculptures, blending graceful curves and sharp lines. Their distinct charisma and versatility shine as creative users can reveal multiple profiles. Made from robust sheet steel with a matte powder-coat finish, they offer practical surfaces for lamps, books, and ornaments.

Desk: Oakywood

Oakywood's Classic Wooden Desk, a homeware gem, boasts timeless elegance and durability in solid wood construction. Its rounded edges ensure sturdiness, while an optimal height and smooth surface provide comfort, making it an enduring office essential.

Sofa: Eternity Modern

The Mario Bellini Sofa by Eternity Modern offers modular versatility with separate sectional elements. Rings and carabiners on backs and armrests facilitate customizable seating arrangements, creating a comfortable and flexible 'seating landscape' adaptable to various living spaces and design projects.

Dining table: Arhaus

The Ilaria Dining Table from Arhaus embodies minimalist elegance, featuring a classic pedestal design crafted from exquisite Italian travertine. Handmade by skilled artisans, it introduces organic beauty to dining areas. Each table is unique with natural variations in tones and patterns, adding character to the minimalist aesthetic.


Hanging light: GANTlights

GANTlights' [C3] rectangular hanging lamp marries concrete or wood with exquisite materials like copper, brass, or oak wood, creating a timeless, elegant designer fixture. Interchangeable lampshade materials offer versatile customization. The light is dimmable with compatible LED dimmers or features a touch-dim function activated by gently touching the steel cables for adjustable brightness.

Wall light: Hem

The Alphabeta wall light by Luca Nichetto for Hem is a modular marvel, offering infinite possibilities with eight shade shapes and a spectrum of powder-coated colors. Its bidirectional design emits light from top and bottom, providing both spotlight and ambient illumination. Choose between cable and dimmer or direct installation options for added flexibility in your space.

Ceiling light: GANTlights

The GANTlights' cubic ceiling spot [B7]dark blends homeware elements with industrial aesthetics, melding dark grey concrete with luxurious gold accents. The meticulously gilded interior radiates a welcoming, warm light, creating a timeless and elegant addition to any space.

Table lamp: Lumen

The Tip LED Table Lamp fom Lumen is a minimalist addition to your office. Crafted in aluminum, it's ingeniously functional with adjustable linear arms and a tilting shade for focused downlight or ambient glow. Muuto, rooted in Scandinavian design, embraces change and innovation, using raw materials to define true Nordic character.


Rug: Nordic Knots

Nordic Knots' Park – Dusty White rug combines timeless elegance with a serene cream palette. Made from luxurious New Zealand wool, its woven loops and hand-cut pile offer a plush yet durable texture that matures beautifully with time, making it a sophisticated and enduring statement piece.

Curtain: Nordic Knots

Nordic Knots' 100% wool curtain panel is a textural masterpiece designed for effortless elegance in any room. Available in Perfect White, Pale Sand, and Soft Gray, it filters light through its expertly woven fabric. Measuring 100" in width and offered in various lengths, it includes hooks for easy installation.

Rug: Hem

Hem's Dune Rug, a luxurious homeware piece, boasts a generous knit in soft New Zealand wool and a muted, natural color palette, exuding understated elegance. Hand-serged edges and precise weaving create a smooth, seamless surface with rich texture. Produced in India by a weaving collective adhering to global ethical standards, including GoodWeave, SGS, and Woolmark, it's a testament to craftsmanship and sustainability.

Bedding: The White Company

The White Company's Egyptian cotton flat sheet is a fail-safe bedding choice. Crafted with a double-row cord and a matte sheen, it offers both style and comfort. Made from 100% Egyptian cotton and produced in Portugal, it combines quality and ease of care with a touch of luxury.


Plates: Soho Home

Soho Home's Roc Side Plate Set of Four, a homeware essential, draws inspiration from Soho Farmhouse's rustic tableware. Crafted in durable stoneware in Portugal, its organic shape and speckled oatmeal glaze lend uniqueness to each piece. Microwave and dishwasher safe, it's ideal for everyday dining.

Glasses: L'Atelier du Vin

L'Atelier du Vin's 'L'Exploreur Spiritueux' glasses offer sleek, minimalistic elegance suitable for any home bar. Crafted in Italy, these glasses feature a wide tumbler shape designed for darker spirits like whiskies and rums, allowing the release of complex aromas when swirled—a perfect blend of style and functionality.

Pitcher: L'Objet

L'Objet's 'Timna' pitcher, an homage to ancient drinkware, seamlessly transforms into a versatile vase. Crafted from glazed porcelain, its ergonomic design features a skillfully carved-out handle. Pair it with the matching mugs for a harmonious and artful table setting.

Cake stand: Soho Home

Soho Home's Hermine Cake Stand, a striking piece of homeware, reimagines the classic design with a spherical base and chunky frame. Its marble veining varies in each stone, ensuring uniqueness. Perfect for showcasing homemade creations and complemented by the Pembroke optic cloche, it adds modern texture to your table.


Wall hook: Hem

Hem's Tig Hooks are industrial and distinctive, defying convention as wall adornments. Crafted from cool aluminum, they feature captivating molten metal slugs, preserving the welding detail that's typically concealed. Designed by Kwangho Lee, these oversized, robust hooks exude both functionality and a unique spirit. Whether opting for single hooks for a subtle metallic touch or the impactful 5-arm multi-hook for brute utility, they make an unconventional statement.

Vase: Closed

The Schneid Studio Aura Vase, found at Closed, showcases an expressive design resembling feminine curves. Crafted with a sustainable ethos in Germany, it reflects the brand's commitment to local craftsmanship. Exclusively available in distinctive Closed colors, it's a harmonious blend of artistry and eco-consciousness.

Bookends: Soho Home

Soho Home's Harling Bookends, a set of two, exude sophistication. Made from natural alabaster, their unique designs echo the bulbous shape of the Ava Vase and pay homage to the 1970s interiors of 180 House, making them a distinctive addition to your bookcase.

Scented candle: Diptyque

Diptyque's Baies Scented Candle, another homeware find, is presented in a 600g size with three wicks for expansive room-filling fragrance, blending sweet Roses and Blackcurrant leaves. The handmade black porcelain vessel doubles as a versatile planter or storage pot after the wax has melted away.

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